Many businesses believe that storing data on the cloud is similar to backup, but this isn’t the case. According to a report, around 32% of companies have experienced data loss through the cloud. So, how can you avoid losing data? First, you must be aware of exactly what is secured and what isn’t, just like you would with any other program. This will allow you to make changes to your data strategy accordingly.

With more individuals working remotely than ever before, the need for managed service providers (MSPs) has increased. It provides data protection and security for Microsoft 365 with the hope of keeping their customers secure. This post will take you through the importance of Office 365 Backups to ensure your company’s safety.

Importance Of Office 365 Backup 

Importance Of Office 365 Backup 

Everyone is familiar with Office 365, but are you aware of all the advantages of using it? Office 365 is more than simply a mobile version of Word. It’s a complete set of cloud-based tools that will help to boost productivity and cooperation within your company.

Microsoft 365 provides basic security against some dangers that could harm your data. Still, there are some things it doesn’t safeguard you against, and some of its optional safety features have adverse effects. In addition, even if you believe you are properly protected, restoring your data without a third-party backup program may be time-consuming and laborious. So, backup might be a beneficial move after all. Here is a compilation of all those reasons that explain the importance of Office 365 backup for your company’s safety.

  • A Comprehensive Backup Solution

Microsoft Office 365 lets you run your business from anywhere, at any time, without having to worry about hosting your email and content management infrastructure. Furthermore, despite Microsoft’s hosting, you retain control over your business data. You can protect your data, but it also means that you are responsible for keeping it safe. That’s where a good backup solution comes in handy. It will assist you in safeguarding, backing up, and restoring your vital data.

It will be simple to construct the particular solution you require with an all-inclusive cloud backup. In addition, Microsoft systems may be used and synced together to give your company a multi-functional tool that boosts efficiency and productivity. It’s critical, though, to make sure that all of your data is adequately backed up and easily accessible.

  • Data Protection with Control

The appropriate solution can help you protect your data, which is essential for any company to take. The correct data protection solution, on the other hand, will keep your material accessible. This ensures that you maintain control over your data and don’t waste time releasing data that you require right away.

Cloud backup process ensures the following:

  • A secure location to keep business data that is free of hackers.
  • Client assurance – You can make sure that their data and your own are secure.
  • Human error protection – Using the correct backup program can eliminate the risk of human error, such as unintentional deletion.
  • Backup With Ease

You must choose a solution that allows you to choose between on-premises and cloud backup options. A competent backup tool will adapt to your company’s demands, ensuring that you can recover data quickly and with minimal downtime.

The hybrid cloud is a solution that allows you to back up your data both on-premises and in the cloud, giving you the best of both worlds. Keeping your current data on-premises, for example, ensures that you can quickly and easily retrieve it if your operations go down, while less critical data, such as archives, can be stored on the cloud.

  • Backups Offer Protection from Internal Threats

Backups Offer Protection from Internal Threats

We all want to believe the best in others, especially our co-workers, but not everyone is deserving of our trust. Even if we eliminate the danger of human mistakes, there’s always the possibility that unhappy or dishonest personnel will put critical data at risk on purpose.

If an employee deletes important data secretly and then waits for the recycle bin to run out of time, you could be in danger with no means to restore critical data that has been permanently erased. Because Microsoft 365 has no means of knowing if a deletion was made by accident, on purpose, or maliciously, there is no remedy once the recycle bin is empty. A third-party backup service is the only way to protect your data against harmful inside activities.

Final takeaway

Microsoft Office 365 acts as a lifeline for many companies. Business would almost come to a halt if those applications were not available. Unfortunately, that’s precisely what will happen if you don’t have a third-party backup. So, work with a cloud backup solution that makes it simple to keep your business running, restore only what’s lost, and keep clean records so as not to put your compliance at stake.