From seeking medical advice to getting groceries, almost every aspect of human life is taking place online. As consumer behaviour shifts towards digital, business owners are likely to doubt the value of certain technologies.

1300 numbers are popular among Australian businesses. However, with the passing of time and the increase of tech, more ways of interacting with customers have been introduced. That’s why a number of entrepreneurs have been asking whether 1300 numbers are any good for their small business. Despite novel ways of connecting with customers, 1300 numbers are still great for small businesses. The reason these numbers haven’t lost their value is:

1. They Offer Convenience

Large firms can utilise new technologies such as virtual teams, chatbots and outsourced call centres for support. But, despite these services, big brands are still struggling with maintaining the quality of customer service.

Let’s say that a customer wants to acquire some information about your business. They may send you an email if your chat support isn’t active. They may receive a response from your staff in a couple of hours or the next day. Or they may visit your competitor’s website and call them to acquire about their business and services instead. So, you could potentially lose a customer. A 1300 number gives you a channel where people can get an immediate response. They can get all the information they need without waiting.

2. They Help You Build Credibility

Bigger businesses can invest in large advertising campaigns to earn trust and build authority, but small businesses struggle to do this. 1300 numbers allow you to build authority and credibility of your small business without breaking the bank. These numbers give potential customers the impression that your small business is established, reliable and legitimate.  Studies suggest that 1800 or 1300 numbers with a number in front of them or a numerical pattern increase response rates.

3. They Are Flexible

Your customer service agent may not always be able to attend the calls of customers. 1300 numbers provide you the flexibility to reroute calls to an employee, a mobile phone, or to an answering machine. An SMS can also be set-up to reply to the caller.

4. They can Attract Paying Customers

Online channels are usually free, but they are often abused by people. 1300 is a shared-cost number, so it deters unwanted callers. Only the customers who’re interested in doing business with you will call you on a 1300 number. These numbers cost almost the same as a local call, which is why it’s an affordable option for your customers.

In a nutshell, the 1300 service retains its relevance despite the emergence of new digital mediums. The reason being that human nature hasn’t changed – people want personalised service and prompt responses from real people. 1300 numbers allow you to deliver just that. So, you should consider getting a 1300 number for your small business.