Frankly speaking, there’s nothing wrong in this but the problem starts when someone who is influential in their friend circle stops following you and talks about it because then all of a sudden you will see your follower count go down. And if you are someone who is even averagely (if that’s a word :p) popular (with hundreds of followers), it can be an harrowing experience to find out who the hell just unfollowed you on Instagram and caused a ripple effect among your other followers.

Here, we try and list down some ways in which you can find out the “unfollowers” in a hassle-free manner:

instagram unfollow 1

1) Unfollowgram

Yeah, I know the name is too main stream. I wish they had put a little effort into it. But then who cares? It works great and that’s what matters. So, Unfollowgram is a website whose main objective (as the name screams) is to help you find out who just unfollowed you on Instagram.

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The process is quite simple. You just need to provide your Instagram account details to this site and your email address and yay your task is done. Whenever someone unfollows you, you will be able to find out who the person is. Apart from this, the site also gives you other details like ‘people whom you follow but who don’t follow you back’ and ‘people who follow you but who are not cool enough for you to follow them back’ on your account dashboard. It’s like having one ‘unfollowgram’ account of its own.

The only missing thing is that you can’t find out past unfollowers, meaning the site will be able to help you only about unfollowers from the time you register on it, not regarding the past cases (if you may call them that).

2) InstaFollow

Okay, this one’s name is quite opposite to our objective. In fact, it is an app which is designed to help people find new and interesting people to follow (and get followed by others, that’s the whole point of social media, isn’t it?) on Instagram, hence the name.

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So how does it fit onto this list? Actually, apart from helping you find great accounts to follow, this app (yeah, it’s not a website, but an app available on both Android and iOS) also provides you certain general statistics about your followers on Instagram. Among these statistics, lays the vital one of ‘lost followers’. Every time someone will unfollow you, you will get a notification and by clicking on the ‘lost’ tab, you can see who just unfollowed you. Simple, isn’t it?

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3) WhoUnfollow

This is yet another app for Instagram users. This app is available only for iphone users. I could find an android version of this app. They should develop one soon because it is one of the most comprehensive apps based on Instagram that I came across. Not only does it help you track unfollowers (which our sole objective here in this article) and help you discover new people to follow (which even InstaFollow does) but it also gives you certain crucial information like who are your top likers and top commentors.

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And the most important thing that this app does is that it will help you discover who is/are your ghost follower(s). For those of you out there who don’t know who is a ghost follower, he/she is that anonymous person who follows you but never likes or comments on your pictures. You can only remove such a person (that is, if you want to because who doesn’t love a silent admirer) by blocking him/her; isn’t that too cruel a punishment for silence? Just kidding, ghost followers can sometimes be creepy (true to their name).

So these were some simple ways of finding out who the hell unfollowed you on Instagram. There are many more such apps and websites available out there on the internet but be careful while using them because most will require your Instagram account details and you don’t want your account in someone else’s hands and some unforeseen pictures being posted by someone else using your account. That’s the biggest nightmare. Stay Calm and more importantly, Stay Followed!