If you are looking for a Jeff Lerner review because you’d like to find out who Jeff Lerner is and what he offers, you’ve come to the right place.

Jeff is an online entrepreneur best known for launching a personal and business development training program called Entre Blueprint.

In this piece, we get to take a look at what Jeff has been up to, his background, and his most popular product, the ENTRE Blueprint. By the end of this, you should have a good idea what he is all about.

And unlike other reviews we won’t be pushing you into buying his products, we just wanted to cover Jeff who’s become a rather popular guy and discuss whether he’s someone you should be paying attention to.

Who is Jeff Lerner?

Jeff Lerner is from Houston, Texas. He is an entrepreneur, speaker, influencer, mentor, and pianist. He founded Entre Institute, an online business education company, to provide entrepreneurs with information on how to expand their ventures online.

Reviews of Jeff Lerner and his company Entre Institute often paint him in a positive light, although some go the opposite way and call him out. It’s hard to know which ones to trust as usually these websites are biased pushing their own agenda. 

NoBSIMReviews published that Jeff Lerner was legitimate, whilst several other publications have called him out as a scam. It should be noted though that the negative reviews of him were actually from competitor affiliates pushing another program. 

Lerner is known for his problem-solving skills, which he leveraged when he built multiple businesses that generate income in the 8-figure range.

Early life and Music Career

When he was in his twenties, Lerner was a Jazz musician. He was a pianist and often got gigs to perform for CEOs and company leaders. He worked as a musician for close to a decade before he could taste success.

Unfortunately, by the time he was 29, he had racked up a list of unsuccessful ventures, including a restaurant that had ruined him financially. At around this time, he finally discovered internet success in online entrepreneurship and digital marketing.

By then, he was $500,000 in debt; however, with his new-found success, he was able to pay it off in just 18 months. The story of how he changed his fortunes is inspiring and he has narrated it multiple times when urging people to sign up for his online programs.

Online Marketing

When his Jazz music career failed to take off, Lerner decided to try something new. He had heard about the world of online marketing but he’d never taken it as seriously as possible (Lerner initially started his digital entrepreneurial career at age 23). Therefore, when he finally decided to specialize, he had already spent many years learning how to build an online business. He promoted companies like Wealth Masters International (WMI) and Carbon Copy Pro, just to mention a few.

After trying his hand at a few online business opportunities, he had finally cracked it. Soon, his businesses were generating 8 figure returns, which allowed him to pay off his debts.

He was featured twice on the INC 5000 for his success as an entrepreneur. This was when he decided to share his secrets with other people who, like him, were looking for a break in their lives.

Entre Blueprint

On the Entre Institute website, Jeff states that if you are uncertain about the future, frustrated with your current situation, or simply desire the freedom of Internet Business ownership, you should give his course a try.

ENTRE Blueprint is a video training program that is aptly described as a “6 Step Video Training For Creating A Wildly Profitable Online Business.”

The goal of this course is to transform your life with its lessons on how to start an affiliate marketing business.

The ENTRE Blueprint provides you with Internet Business training that brings together tactical training and the 3 most lucrative online business models (according to Jeff). Jeff has an “awesome life” method comprising psychology, economics, life coaching, and personal development.

He shows you exactly how to implement the top 3 business models online. He claims that you can use them to pay for an awesome life and create the mindset and strategies that will help you attain success.

When you sign up for The ENTRE Blueprint you also get a one-on-one advisor to assist you. The program is designed to get you to listen to Jeff’s advice and implement what he teaches you in the ENTRE Blueprint video training program to start leading a good life.

The course hasn’t been spared criticism, with his detractors lumping it together with other unsuccessful coaching investment schemes on the internet.

Startup Founder

Jeff Lerner has spent a majority of his career founding startups. In 2018, he founded ENTRE Institute to provide advanced learning for the benefit of entrepreneurs. Since he started ENTRE Institute, the institution has had over 150,000 students who’ve all learned how to start a business in Lerner’s mold. He provides coaching to entrepreneurs who’ve gone on to establish successful ventures of their own.

Besides the learning institution, Lerner has founded other companies and three of them have been recognized by INC magazine making it to the INC 5000 list. In 2021, he launched Entresoft, a full suite of business tools. It didn’t take long for Entresoft to become one of the most well-known business management software packages tailored for smaller companies.

He founded a real-estate focused company called 2:20 Investment Group, LLC that owns properties in states like Texas, Utah, Georgia, and Ohio. Besides that, he has also founded companies like Xurli, Digital Agency and software company; WHAMmobile, a mobile marketing company; and Entresoft, a full suite of business tools.

Family life

Jeff is a family man and enjoys spending time with his wife and four children. He plays the piano whenever he can fit it into his schedule because he is not doing it out of necessity to earn a living.

Speaking Circuit

Tens of thousands of people (if not more) have developed their entrepreneurship skills under the stewardship of Jeff Lerner. He is often seen as one of the most charismatic personalities in the world of business and personal development.

Multiple times a year are spent on the speaking circuit where he hosts speaking events and makes media appearances. That doesn’t stop him from fulfilling his duties and obligations as the CEO of the ENTRE institute.


Unlock Your Potential

In Unlock Your Potential: The Ultimate Guide for Creating Your Dream Life in the Modern World, Jeff acknowledges that the world has changed dramatically. In this century, opportunities that defined people’s life paths and “The American Dream” are no longer available.

In fact, half of college graduates regret choosing to invest in university education and more than 70% hate their jobs. At the same time, more than two-thirds of Americans will never be able to retire.

Jeff believes that this system is broken and he wants to show you the alternative path to create a quality of life with the system as it is right now.

Millionaire Secrets

Jeff has been working on a book titled Millionaire Secrets: Things Rich People Know But Don’t Tell You.

Podcast (YouTube Channel)

Jeff Lerner runs a podcast and a YouTube channel called Jeff Lerner where he interviews high profile people, including entrepreneurs, athletes, celebrities, scientists, and artists. He does that to inspire his his audience to unlock their potential.

His goal is to provide people a blueprint that they can use to emulate the successful people he interviews.

What is Jeff Lerner’s Net Worth?

Jeff Lerner’s net worth is hard to quantify because there isn’t enough information in the public sphere that can help determine it. However, there are statements on his website that suggest that he has earned $50 million in online revenue (not sure whether that is gross earnings or net).

Also, it does not serve the purpose because revenue is not equal to net worth.

That being said, Jeff has come a long way because in 2018, he was filing for bankruptcy and even found himself living in his ex-wife’s parent’s guest bedroom. At the time, he was $500,000 in the red thanks to failed ventures like his two restaurant franchises.

When Jeff Learner learned about affiliate marketing and took it seriously, he earned $40,000 in commissions in a single month just six months into it. His earnings went up to $70,000 and he was the #3 affiliate marketer out of over 40,000 marketers in his affiliate marketing network.


Jeff Lerner’s journey began in his early 20s when he was entertaining wealthy CEOs and company leaders as a pianist. It took him ten years of working hard for him to achieve success in the digital world by establishing his internet company and offering online courses. When he was 29, he found success in online marketing after many years of trying and failing to get numerous businesses up and running. In fact one of those businesses left him $500,000 in debt.

Nowadays, Jeff is a successful digital entrepreneur. Most of what he does is teach others how to be successful in business and inspire them to follow his lead. After he started tasting success, he earned a spot on the INC 5000 twice. Thousands of students have learned how to start successful internet companies thanks to Jeff Lerner’s ENTRE blueprint.

Jeff has no problem generating six figures in income from his businesses. He has the blueprint on creating a successful online business and he uses it and teaches it to his students.

On top of that, he also hosts a top 100 business podcast on his YouTube channel and speaks at conferences and industry events on the topics of entrepreneurship and education.