Ah, technology, isn’t it great… It wasn’t too long ago that when you left the house, the only choice for gaming fans to game on the go was bringing along a simple Nintendo Gameboy and praying that the lighting conditions were good enough that you’d be able to see the action on screen. Not to mention the fact that the battery life would drain down flat just an hour into the mammoth five-hour journey you had to undertake. Nowadays though, with the ever rampant surge forward in technological advances, handheld gaming has had new life breathed into it. The batteries last for hours and hours, the screens are backlit, and the sound doesn’t sound like it’s coming from deep underwater. So, whether you’re into cute but challenging platformers, or competitive battle-royal shooters, there’s likely to be a handheld gaming choice that perfectly suits your needs. 

Here, then, is a quick look at some of the best handheld gaming devices that are currently out there. 

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo have been known as the pioneers of handheld gaming ever since they released their Game & Watch devices in Japan back in 1980. They, as a company, just seem to get what makes gaming on the go such fun. They make games that are at their most enjoyable when you can dip into them a little bit at a time and then come back to them later. It’s no wonder that their legendary titles like Super Mario Bros still have ardent communities of people trying to break records in a now thirty-five-year-old game

Their latest offering of handheld console is the Nintendo Switch, which as the name suggests, is a hybrid system that has the brilliant capabilities of being able to be used on the go and then, when you get back home, switched over to be used with a TV like a regular console. Since the Switch’s release back in 2017, the two-in-one device has been a remarkable success, with just under 85 million units shifted since release. 

The device has 32 gb of internal storage which can hold a dozen or so games downloaded straight onto the system, though if more storage space is needed you can use a MicroSD card. The battery life lasts for around five to seven hours depending on the game; more detailed a game means more battery juice being used to power it. 

Playstation Vita

Sony may have stopped releasing new Playstation Vita games in 2019, but this handheld console still has such a great library of games that delving through them all will take you a lifetime. The Vita was released in 2012 and was the successor to the PlayStation Portable. The system has a 5 inch touchscreen and three to five hours of battery life. It is a fantastic choice of device if the games that you are more likely to play are darker in nature than Nintendo’s. 

Even though the console is now nearly ten years old, it was experiencing a resurgence due to it going under most people’s radar when it was first released. Unfortunately, Sony have decided to permanently close the online Vita store in August, but you’ll still be able to pick up physical copies of the games second hand. A great machine and one that deserves a second look.      

Your Smartphone

If you’re currently lucky enough to be carrying around one of the most up to date smartphones, then you already own one of the greatest handheld systems available. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an iPhone or an Android model, both the App Store and the Play Store are stacked with great games. Lots of these games are straight ports from proper gaming consoles, so you get to play your favourite home console games on the go. There’s the popular first-person-shooter Call of Duty: Mobile or the space detection smash-hit Among Us, and loads more. 

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