One of the most important inventions of our days is an Electronic Signature. In fact, everything is simple. You just have an opportunity to verify everything online, without being present. However, the way it reduces different possible delays is astonishing. 

And there is a huge amount of great service. For example, DocuSign. It is a great service for the ones that want to increase the efficiency of the work in their company while providing better conditions for the employees. But when you are thinking about integration DocuSign into your business, you may fairly notice, that it is not free. In spite of the fact some people would like to buy a subscription, the others will try finding a way to find some free electronic signature software, which will be as great as the paid DocuSign

Back in the day, many people would have said that that is impossible. However, now we may experience the representee of the rare class of free apps, which provide even better services, than the paid applications. The PandaDoc is the service, which would fulfill your desire to get a free esignature platform

But we need to know, first, what makes these services good?

The list is simple: 

  • Opportunity to work, using your mobile device;
  • The simple interface of the website;
  • Secure service and guarantees, that your data is safe;

These three features combine and make a website really valuable for many companies. 

However, free services usually ignore one or two of these rules. Usually, they don’t mind about the safety. However, whether the PandaDoc is one like that? 

The answer is definitely not. This free esignature platform gives an opportunity to enjoy increased productivity without no paying for that. And all your data will be safe because the website uses special safety protocols to make your documents visible only for the members of your company. 

A simple interface is an option, which would save you even more time because you will not have to hold training courses. You just have to briefly show the way of the application works, and workers will understand it. It is that simple, that even novice computer users will be fine with it. 

PandaDoc is also available on mobile devices, which makes the service even more valuable. Your employees may use their phones in order to approve or reject some work. Saving even more time!

Which one to choose: DocuSign or PandaDoc? 

The choice is really not simple enough. Both services are flexible, have nice features, provide round-a-clock support services, and protect your data with the best methods. 

However, DocuSign is a paid service, which may be not that great for many small businessmen, while PandaDoc is a great one, which provides high-quality services without taking any fees. The choice is up to you, but think twice about whether you need to pay for something you can get legally for free?