In today’s digital age, we store most, if not all, of our information online or on our devices. The issue of security is greater now than ever before. Some people with great memories may store passwords in their heads. If you can remember multiple passwords – maybe dozens – good for you.

However, the issue is that hackers are great at cracking passwords, so modern passwords need to be strong – not the name of your pet or birthday. This means having long passwords that consist of random assortments of letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation. As you can imagine, passwords like this are extremely difficult to remember, especially if you have many of them.

For this reason, people have started using password managers to store all of their passwords. These are innovative tools that can generate very strong passwords, store them, and then automatically input them into login fields when you log in to a specific account. So, where is the safest place to keep your passwords? We would say that it is within a password manager such as Dashlane, among others.

What is a Password Manager?

A password manager is a software or tool you can use to manage all your passwords, all from a single location. A password manager like Dashlane automatically generates the best possible passwords for you and then stores them in its so-called vault.

All your passwords are stored in one place. These passwords are going to be long and complicated, which means they would be difficult to remember. Password managers allow you to create a so-called master password.

No matter what account you go to log into, whether a bank account or social media, you just enter your master password instead of that complex password. The password manager will then automatically find and insert the corresponding password (from the vault) to that specific account.

This is a new and convenient way to create strong passwords and manage them without remembering them all. That said, some people are concerned about safety and security when it comes to password managers.

Safest Place to Keep Passwords – Password Managers Like Dashlane

So, storing strong passwords in your head is not really an option, especially if you have many accounts. You could write them down on paper, but you can lose the paper, or people could steal it.

Storing passwords on your computer or phone isn’t a good option either because hackers can easily get into them.

So, what makes storing your passwords on a password manager so safe? A password manager like Dashlane uses various security measures to keep you and your info safe. Let’s take a quick look.

Password Generators

A good password manager uses high-quality password generators. For example, a generated password could look something like 3FSAj?.4dKK74ASWf.//4rDf – a much more secure password than anything you are likely to come up with.

Your Master Password

You need to create your own master password to access all of your accounts via a password manager, but you should be able to create a strong password and hold it in your head without issue.

High-Quality Security Protocols

A password manager generally uses high-quality encryption. For the most part, password managers like Dashlane use 256-bit AES encryption, which is the same security used by governments, the military, and businesses.

Zero-Knowledge Approach

Another thing that helps keep you safe is that all info is encrypted locally on your device. Even the people and companies running the password manager do not have access to your information.

Other Tips for Keeping Passwords Safe with Managers

There are more tips you can follow to be secure when using a password manager.

Using a VPN

Using a VPN or virtual private network will help keep you anonymous so that hackers cannot see who you are or where your internet connection is.

Secure Internet Connections

If you do not want to pay for a good VPN, ensure that your internet connection is private and well-protected with a strong password.

A Locked or Well-Guarded Device

Always ensure that your computer or device is locked with a strong password and that you are using high-quality anti-malware software to prevent hackers from accessing your info.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that a good password manager is probably the safest place to store and manage all your passwords; the more passwords you need, the more convenient services like this become.