Craps is a fun casino game that players around the world enjoy at land-based casinos. While the game has been played for generations in a live format, it can also be accessed online. As players look for more home entertainment, the game of craps is a great way to play for fun or for real money. But where should you play? Below are a few of the most recommended sites as well as details about online craps to help you get started. 

Note: Please read some online reviews for real money craps sites before making a deposit. 

El Royale

One of the most popular sites for online casino gaming today is El Royale. Here, players have access to traditional craps. The game offers limits of $1 to $1,000 per roll and features a bright purple craps table. You can easily place a wager with real money, select your bet, and click the Roll button to get started. New players to the game can click the Help tab at the top left to gain access to rules and assistance for playing. 


At this online casino, craps players have a larger selection of games. Choose from a list of craps titles, with each game offering a different look and feel. You can choose a simple layout game or go for a more authentic look for a casino-style experience. Easily select your wager and click roll to be playing. The rules are listed in these games as well to help players who are new to online craps gaming. 

Red Dog Casino

Offering a similar craps option like El Royale, Red Dog Casino offers a secure gaming environment. Players who wish to roll the dice in craps can do so feeling secure in the site they are playing at. With a long list of games on offer, Red Dog is quickly becoming a new favorite for table game and slot fans. 

How To Play Craps Online

So, when asking yourself ‘where can I play craps online?’ you must also consider if you know how to play. First, you will need to sign up at an online casino, like those listed above. Next, you will need to deposit funds if you want to play for real money. We suggest looking through promotions at the online casino you are considering to see what is on offer, including if any deals coincide with craps gaming. 

Next, you will need to select your game. In general, an online casino will have craps listed under the Table Games section. Click on the game and then you are ready to play. Once the game loads, you will need to select your bet per roll. When ready, choose your bet type, like Come or Pass bet, then click roll.

Learn some basic crap strategy and enjoy the game! 

Can I Play Craps Online For Money?

You can! Online casino sites accept real money deposits via such methods as credit cards and bitcoin. After making a deposit, you can begin playing online craps for money. Most games offer bets ranging from $1 to $100 per roll or more. Select your bet amount and wager type then roll to play! 

Play Craps Online For Fun

Just like you can play for real money, you can also play for fun. Most online casinos offer craps in Demo or Practice Mode. By selecting this option, you can play for free without investing any money. For beginner craps players, this mode is best as it allows one to become acquainted with the game. Check out the rules and place a few bets to get a feel for what the game offers. Then, once you feel comfortable, then switch to real money can be made. By checking out reviews for online craps websites can help players to find sites that offer demo and real money mode. 

Live Craps 

If you want to play live craps from your home, there are plenty of options available. Along with craps, players will also find real online slots and other table games at popular online casino sites. With so much entertainment to explore, online casinos are a great option for adults to play casino games like craps from home, be it a desktop or mobile device. 

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