It is not necessary for everyone with diabetes to wear diabetic socks, but it can help them to benefit from wearing diabetic socks. If they are experiencing swelling, have sweaty feet, change in color, blisters of fungal infection, it may be best to wear diabetic socks for protection. 

Diabetic socks are not covered by Medicare, but if you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA), you are able to reimburse them here, and diabetic socks are under these savings accounts to cover. 

Where can I buy diabetic socks? 

Diabetic socks can be purchased at chain stores, pharmacies, and at online stores like Amazon. You can find a variety of diabetic socks in online stores. It is also available at Target and Walmart. 

There are also sites where you can shop that specialize in diabetic socks, like the Diabetic Sock Club. They offer different diabetic socks in different lengths if you want your socks to only go from your ankle, calf, and upper calf. They also have Diabetic socks in different colors and are available for both men and women. The diabetic sock club also offers a one-year replacement, if your socks get a hole or wear out within the first year, you can send them back to them, and they will replace them for you!

There are also other sites that can offer diabetic socks, like Dr. Comfort and diabetic sock shops. People with diabetes experience different problems and symptoms. It is best to discuss with your doctor what socks would fit best for you. In some situations, you may need to buy compression socks for better blood flow. 

Best diabetic sock brands

It is important that your diabetic socks are made from high-quality materials and will be long-lasting. If you are wondering what brands offer the best diabetic sock, here are some of the best brands to consider:

  • DSC Ultra-soft Socks – These are high-end footwear for diabetic patients. They use high-quality cotton and lycra, and its interior is super soft and seamless to avoid friction in your skin that can cause irritation and blisters. 
  • Falari Therapeutic Crew Socks – These socks are best if you have circulatory disorders like neuropathy and edema. These socks will avoid constricting your lower limb’s feet and provide better blood circulation. It has a loose top end that will not hinder your blood flow. 
  • Fool Merino Wool Diabetic Socks- These are unisex socks and are well-crafted. Its unique feature is substantial temperature regulating characteristics that is why it is perfect for all seasons. 
  • Ankle Socks by Yomandamor Men’s Coolmax Socks- Its loose end top won’t hinder your blood flow, and it is also good if you have circulatory disorders. These socks retain only little fluids and dry rapidly, making them another perfect pair of socks for all seasons. 
  • Low-cut Ortho-feet Bio-soft Diabetic Socks- These socks have bamboo fibers. Bamboo fibers have the inherent property of acting against bacteria and fungus because of their anti-odor features. It is also seamless that prevents skin rubbing and developing blisters.