CBD oil is one of the most popular ways to consume CBD on a regular basis. Not only is CBD oil extremely versatile, but it also provides one of the most natural ways to enjoy CBD.

Whether you are looking for a quick and simple form of CBD that you can use on hectic days when you’re in a rush, or for a fun way to add CBD to your favorite recipes, Flawless CBD oil is the perfect solution. Not every CBD oil is the same as there is a wide range of different concentrations, flavors, and formulas available when shopping.

Finding the right CBD oil is essential and a key factor in determining whether you will stick to a healthy and positive routine. While one CBD oil might be right for one person, it could be entirely wrong for another. One thing is true for everyone, though: A big part of your experience is based on the quality of your chosen CBD oil.

There is a growing number of brands and CBD retailers in the UK, giving British shoppers more choice than they have ever had before. While it is also lovely to have options, the growing number of brands has also made it harder to spot the ones that you can trust to deliver quality with every drop.

So, where can you buy CBD oil in the UK that guarantees excellent quality and great value for money? Let’s take a look at our top five places to purchase CBD.


When shopping online for CBD oil, Provacan should be one of your first stops. A longstanding top UK brand, Provacan offers its customers a wide range of high quality CBD products that have been designed to slot seamlessly into your daily routine. 

All of Provacan’s CBD oils are made using two ingredients, including organically grown, EU-certified, full-spectrum CBD. Every drop of Provacan CBD oil is guaranteed to deliver effective and powerful results that you can trust and rely on.

Using third-party lab testing to check both quality and purity, Provacan is so confident in its CBD oils that it makes the results of these tests available to customers before they even make a purchase. Being able to view lab reports means that you can see exactly what you are buying before you part with your money.

Provacan has four CBD oils to choose from, giving you the ability to control and customize your CBD intake and routine. Options include a gentle 300mg oil, ideal for those who are new to CBD, and a slightly stronger 600mg oil. For those looking for a much more potent dose of CBD, Provacan also has 1200mg and 2400mg CBD oil tinctures.

Holland and Barrett

Holland and Barrett is a famous UK health and wellness retailer with stores across the country. Over the decades, Holland and Barrett has established itself as the store to visit when you want to discover new supplements and ways to improve your health in natural yet straightforward ways.

Starting with just the one CBD brand, Jacob Hooy, a few years ago, Holland and Barrett became the first British high street store to stock CBD products. As CBD has continued to grow in popularity, Holland and Barrett has expanded its range of CBD products and brands.

When purchasing CBD oils from Holland and Barrett, you are guaranteed two essential things: An extensive range of choices and, most importantly, the brand’s quality assurance. Holland and Barrett stocks popular and much-loved brands such as Love Hemp, CBD Daily, and Rapid CBD.

If you are someone who is a bit green and new to CBD oils, Holland and Barrett allows you to easily browse through all of the different options available.


CBDfx offers its customers simple CBD solutions with a fun twist. CBDfx is a great place to shop if you are looking to try a new and exciting CBD oil that is packed with flavor, helping to ensure that CBD is always an enjoyable part of your day.

All of CBDfx’s oils are made using high quality hemp plants that have been grown in the USA using organic, cruelty free methods. CBDfx only adds one additional ingredient to its CBD oils – MCT oil derived from coconuts – keeping each tincture as healthy and straightforward as possible.

When shopping for CBD oil tinctures with CBDfx, there are three concentration options, including 500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg. CBDfx also uses its high-quality CBD oil to create its extremely popular disposable CBD vape pens with fruity flavor options such as strawberry lemonade, blue raspberry, and tropic breeze.