When one thinks of sports like football, basketball, or tennis, one normally connects them with motion and with physical activities. However, in the era of digital gaming, most sports can be played via video gaming hardware. Consoles, computers, and mobiles allow for the gameplay of titles such as FIFA, NBA 2K, Madden, or EA’s NHL. Gaming developers from all over the world have worked hard, and they have created extremely realistic sports video games which give players of all ages the ability to play NBA championship games, participate in Grand Slam tennis tournaments, play full seasons of the English Premier League or to simply perform skateboard tricks on the virtual streets of California.

Sports Are One of the most important Genres of Gaming

The gaming industry is massive and both hardware, as well as software providers, constantly populate the market with new and exciting gaming content. Many of these contents are related to sports and many of these contents have regular annual releases. Electronic Arts and 2K have released major sports titles year after year after year. Football, basketball, and American football-themed games are the three types of sports games that sell the highest number of copies, with FIFA being the king of sports games almost every year.

Football is the most popular sport, both when it comes to traditional gaming as well as when it comes to gaming alternatives. Online casinos offer football-themed games of chance such as the 11 Champions slot. Football fans who enjoy slot games will definitely have a great time while playing this game. The developer has done a great job creating a game where the sports element is in perfect balance with the casino element of the product.

The Best Sports Video Games of All Time

Gaming developers release sports-related titles at least once per year. This means that there is an abundance of titles for a number of gaming systems. Every new game has something better to offer as the evolution of gaming technology allows for new and more user-friendly features. However, some of the best sports games ever made were released several years ago.  For example, Madden NFL 2005 is still considered the best game of the series even though its development took place in 2004. The same applies to NBA Jam which was released almost 30 years ago. As for football, nobody can forget how good Pro Evolution Soccer 6 was back in 2006.

The Best Sports Video Games Right Now

Newer is not always better, but the most recent editions of FIFA and NBA 2K are the most realistic sports video games we have ever seen. The player movement is as real as it can get, the graphics are amazing and the user experience is the best EA and 2K have ever offered. There are a few bugs here and there of course, but if one looks at the big picture, then it is certain that one will enjoy every minute of gameplay. As for FIFA, this year’s edition is somewhat collectible, as EA is rebranding its football product and it is starting over from zero.