Winning a Jackpot is a dream for many casino goers. Jackpot is the ultimate prize that you can get as you play any casino game. In this article, we are going to take a look at the difference between fixed and incremental jackpots and what are the things that you need to know in case you win a jackpot.

Fixed Jackpot And Progressive Jackpot

On one hand, this is a form of jackpot that pays out a fixed amount of amount to the winner. Depending on the game that you play or the platform on which you are playing. On the other hand, we have progressive jackpots that are continuously increasing in terms of their prize money until there is a winner. This makes these progressive jackpots more lucrative than fixed jackpots. 

What Happens Once You Win A Jackpot?

Once your dream of winning a jackpot comes true there are certain things that you might have to face depending on the country in which you live and the amount of prize that you get. In this section, we are going to take a look at the 7 things to keep in mind after winning a jackpot. 

1. You Need To Fill Out The Tax Form

On winning a prize of more than 1200$ you need to pay a certain amount of tax on your winnings. Depending on the rules and regulations in your nation, you might even have to fill out a tax form and declare all your winning to the IRS. Here, players that visit casinos constantly can reduce their overall tax money as they can deduct the money that they used while chasing the jackpot if they have a proper record of their winning and losses. 

2. Quick Notification

Once you win any jackpot, the casino will try to inform you about your winning as soon as they can. Here they can either send some casino worker to you or they can contact you personally over the phone and share all the details with you. Although, here it is important tha you have your government ID with you as without a valid ID you won’t be able to cash out your prize. 

All this is also applicable to players from other nations as well. In case you are unable to provide a valid ID to the casino officials, winners get a certain amount of time to provide a valid ID to the casino and received their winnings. Since casinos are popular for their cash prizes there are chances that you might get your prize money in cash as well. 

3. Winning A Jackpot Worth More Than 5000$

Depending on the casino in which you are, you might get your winning in cash or through a cheque. There are casinos that will probably hand out your winning in cash no matter what the amount is. The security of the casino is going to escort you to your car in such cases as well. 

However, considering the different state laws, you can also expect a cheque from your casino if your winning is more than 5000$. Additionally, the casino will also get in touch with the local authorities to check your credential before they give you anything. You can also ask the casino authority to withhold the taxes from your winning as well. 

4. What If The Machine Malfunctions

In case there is some malfunction in the machine, the casino reserve all the rights to withdraw the jackpot. This is why in case you win any jackpot, the casino is going to check the machine for malfunctions as well. 

5. Becoming A Millionaire

If you win more than 1Million Dollars through the jackpot, you will only get a part of the money on an annual basis. This is a really smart and convenient way for you to keep your takes to a minimum and to manage your winnings in a more effective manner. 

6. The Casino Will Keep An Eye On You

If you continue to play even after winning a big jackpot, the casino will surely keep an eye on you. Professionals in the casino are going to monitor all your activities in order to look for anything suspicious. 

7. You Might Have To Wait for A Little Time

In case you win a big amount of money, it will surely take some time for the casino to process your winning as they will verify your details, collect all the tax forms, and do all other relevant things for you. All this can take some time which is why they might make you wait for a little time. 


Winning a jackpot is an incredibly lucky feat that you can achieve. This is why players around the globe keep on trying their luck with the jackpot in order to win big.