Theft and vandalism are the two widespread problems construction sites face everywhere. Most construction sites try to deal with this problem by contacting a security agency and hiring security guards. This move is usually more of a mixed bag than a sure shot.

In some cases, the site owners will go one step further and install security CCTV cameras. Some might even be savvy enough to get night vision cameras with motion detection. After all, the internet is filled with promises of the perfect, foolproof security camera.

However, these are only stop-gap measures and not a permanent solution for a dynamic and high-impact commercial activity such as construction.

Thankfully, there is now a solution to this age-old problem of securing large construction sites in a way that is holistic and entirely hands-off. To know more, you must keep reading.

The Unseen Side of Construction Site Security Cost

The cost of security is as much as the most vulnerable point. This is not a popular saying, but it is true nonetheless. You may think that your cost for security is the setup cost for equipment and hiring added to the monthly and yearly overheads of salaries and maintenance.

Think again. Your actual cost is the risk that you run when your security is not expertly designed and maintained. One weak link causes the entire chain to fall apart. Assessing this point will make you appreciate a solution that combines the best of both worlds without costing you a fortune.

Time to Move On from Security Guards

One thing is clear at this point; security guards are human. They are fallible. They can fall asleep, be inattentive or simply fall ill. These are things you cannot control. Worst of all, these are things you might not even know are happening. Business owners are often so caught up in the day-to-day running of the show that more minor details can slip between the fingers.

This does not mean that security cameras are any better, however. They have their own set of problems.

Hidden Areas Within Your Construction Site Security Camera Cost

You foot the bill of hooking up your entire site with CCTV cameras and a recording system. Are you sure you have the optimum amount of coverage? Too little, and you have gaps in your surveillance. Too much, and you are wasting your money. How do you know?

Furthermore, how trained are your security personnel for maintaining and running this system? How reliable is the system? These are difficult questions for most business owners to answer. That is because they are usually not security experts.

So yet again, your cost is not what you think it is. You need to look deeper.

The Most Affordable Construction Site Security

Based on what we have discussed so far, it can be surmised that the most affordable construction site security is one that is set up and run by experts. It makes sure that there are no gaps in the security and thus no hidden risk waiting to incur a sudden loss of material and capital.

This system also saves time and money by taking the entire operation off the business owners’ hands. It is a turnkey solution that leverages cutting-edge surveillance systems and combines them with expert human stewarding.

This is the managed video surveillance system for construction sites. It has by far the best average cost to performance value of all the options.

Advantages of a Managed Video Surveillance System

Managed video surveillance services provide a wide range of benefits. The best of them all is the benefit of having a reliable security service provider doing your surveillance for you at a price that is cost-effective.

Versatile And Easy To Deploy

Modern systems can be solar-powered and mobile. This means they can be used in remote areas without a power supply. This is a game-changer for many construction companies.

System design and installation are done by the provider, making it completely turnkey.

Live Video Monitoring

This is a unique service offered only to commercial properties and construction sites. Security professionals monitor the live video feed from your strategically positioned cameras remotely. They can raise the alarm, record evidence, and call law enforcement if any attempts at criminal activity are made on your construction site.

No More Maintenance Hassle

This service is professionally designed and maintained by experts. So you can rest assured that your security system is running all the time.

This turnkey solution is the most cost-effective and affordable solution keeping all the factors in mind. It is automated where it needs to be and has human oversight for the final action. A fully managed system takes all the guesswork out of construction site security.