Working as a freelancer has its advantages and just like any other job. Freelancers require some core resources like gas, water, food, electricity and internet to operate at optimal levels. The availability of broadband connection with high speed connectivity is very necessary in order to facilitate for a conducive working environment regardless of the location or distance from home. This only means that freelancers need a reliable broadband provider to cater for their internet connection needs. Other than Broadband Choices, there are other companies that offer affordable and the best deals that are friendly to freelancers like Plusnet, Virgin Media and BT.


If you are working as a freelancer, you have the chance of checking out broadband deals from this provider, offering unlimited fibre broadband data services from as low as £25 for new customers. Their contract length may differ from client to another. For freelancers, it might take up to 24 months to get included to the static IP and premise move standards. Furthermore, clients have access to up to 24/7 award winning support for all their packages regardless. They understand that it is important for freelancers to guard their work because some projects may be proprietary, and that’s why they have incorporated some security safeguards in the packages. You might even consider adding a calls plan to your package for just £4 a month.


Working with fast internet speeds increases productivity. For freelancers, working with broadband connections with minimal speed connectivity can be detrimental to their productivity. With BT, freelancers can get access to up to 300Mbps of ultrafast fibre broadband connections. The company also offers within the package safeguards against viruses and filters for kids. You don’t want your kids getting access to information that is not suitable for them when you leave your PC lying around at home. The virus protection has the ability to protect up to 15 devices connected to the network with unlimited usage at average speeds of 145Mbps all at a contract length you could find suitable.

Virgin Media

The company provides its clients with access to information and data speeds that are important in enabling transfer, storage and download of large files. You can take advantage of the company’s broadband deal that offers up to 350 Mbps with 20Mbps of upload speeds at just £28 a month, no minimum speed in your connections. You can take advantage of their great customer experience to ensure that you don’t experience any instance of minimum speed. Nevertheless, Virgin Media ensures that you as a freelancer gets the most out of the business apps to support your business through a secured phone connection. This comes with an additional call package that gives you a greater value for your business calls to international recipients.

Why Freelancers Need Reliable Broadband

Everyone works to make a profit but there are several other benefits that can accrue to a freelancer by choosing a reliable broadband partner. Some of the benefits include:

  • Portability: Freelancers can work from any location in the country. This means that having a mobile broadband package that will enable you to move from one place to another and being sure that your internet connection will not fail you.
  • Ease of connectivity: In case you are working from your home office and you want to keep your kids occupied, your broadband connection will have you covered since it could accommodate multiple users at the same time and let them enjoy streaming movies and music. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about connectivity while on the move since it comes with 4G sim cards to access the internet via your smartphone.
  • Reliability: You don’t have to worry about downtime in times of disaster and in case you didn’t carry a laptop with you, you can just use your 4G smartphone to continue working or uploading and downloading large files at high speeds.

Broadband Choices is a great option for freelancers because of its amazing deals, not only for broadband connection options but also on phones and TVs.