The perception about SEO among many entrepreneurs is that this is a monster that requires some special magic, but the truth remains that SEO is more about your adherence to the best practices that help your website to appear authoritative in the eyes of Google and other search engines. Some things that worked years ago are still relevant and content has remained a major driver in link building.

Having the right allies by your side when working with SEO is crucial. Many great SEO consultants will help you grow your website through Organic SEO Management. They will make sure to develop the best strategy for your site, using the tools that will make it rank higher on Google and allowing you to have more exposure.

To help you see how you can improve your SEO campaigns, here are some facts about search marketing that could help you while getting started.

Pillars of SEO: Links, Content, Social Media

To achieve a successful marketing campaign with SEO, you should strive to satisfy content needs, work on link building, and encourage social sharing. If you are launching your business today, you should focus on those three pillars. Content is an important part of your SEO campaign as this is still one of the most important factors that Google considers to calculate where to position a site on SERPs, so if your content is unique and resourceful, you will naturally earn links. There is also emphasis on social sharing and number of people talking about your brand or content on social media sites. These factors combined give a successful SEO campaign.

Organize your content

Besides looking at the quality of content and links, Google also considers format through which you have served content to users. The idea is to ensure users get the most streamlined experience while using your website. Bread crumbs offer you a good way to break down parts of content and makes navigation easy. The goal is to also ensure Google is able to access and understand your site. When Google crawls using spiders, these spiders check for other links to pages on your site and they will follow the links to understand how your site’s architecture is structured.

Optimize page titles

Google still crawls page titles to understand what your pages are about, so while writing these titles, it’s advisable to insert the keyword and use terms that are relevant to your niche. The spiders crawl the headers and subheads and this is the information they use to calculate the relevance score of your page with respect to the search term entered by a user.

Publish original content

Another thing you should understand is that Google will want to show users original content as opposed to content that looks like a re-post. That is why you should invest in creating high quality content that is not available anywhere on the internet. Google will reward you if your content answers the question perfectly and offers resources that can be shared.

Look for outbound links

Another pointer for SEO is outbound links. Google looks at the authority score of a site before recommending users to go to the site. This is calculated by checking if there are reputable websites that are linking back to you, and the search engine will also look at the anchor text used while linking to understand more about your site. Social cues like tweets and Google +1’s may also count while calculating authoritativeness of a site.

SEOJet has a pretty good method of building backlinks naturally that you should check out to get started. Link building is one of a series of processes that businesses can use to boost their visibility on search engines. You need to master what influences rankings then replicate the ideas on your website. Do regular tests to see what improvements are needed for your site to run smoothly and score perfect SEO metrics.