Every business in our modern society is looking for various ways they can streamline their efficiency and consequently open up more effective and dynamic communication platforms with their clients and customers. There are not the days of using landlines to carry out an important business transaction; we have migrated to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

If your business is left out in this great digital migration where calls are made using the internet, then, you might lose out when it comes to efficient communication with your international clients and of course, there will be high costs of communication.

Choosing the best internet phone service provider, however, has become a threat and a nagging issue to many business owners. This is because of the increasing number of providers who promise great deals. However, consider the following factors before settling on the best provider:

  • Customer support – as long as you need a VoIP phone in your office, you need to have a provider who can answer you disturbing and troubleshooting questions if the need arises. It is advisable to know the operation schedule of your provider. Ensure they are offering 24/7 services.
  • Their experience in the field – a newly established company can be providing similar services as an established company. However, the newbie company can be closed abruptly by the authority for failure to comply with various standards. In that case, you will be stranded on who to turn to. That’s why it is important to have a VoIP service provider who has at least 5-years of experience in telecommunication.
  • Costs – you definitely want to cut costs as much as possible and that could be the reason why you have adopted internet phone services. The prices are likely to be friendly considering the many providers in the market.
  • Your satisfaction – a great service provider will ensure you are satisfied with the product even before asking for money under certain conditions. Look for a company that will give you a product you can test for one month and if satisfied you buy it. In case they sell you a bad product they should be willing to give back your money.
  • Satisfying and genuine testimonials – look and ask for references after seeing their reviews and testimonials
  • Check on local area codes – a good VoIP service provider will ensure you have your local area codes that ensure they are not highly charged.
  • Their services – there should be no drooping calls or unclear voices when communicating. You can also ensure that your internet connection is stable.

So what makes the Voice over Internet Protocol service be the talk of the day in many businesses both upcoming and established?

  1. The find/follow me feature – this allows the caller to get to your other devices when your office line is off before their calls are forwarded to voicemail.
  2. Voicemail to email
  3. Music on hold feature
  4. Call recording and screening
  5. Conferencing
  6. Do Not Disturb feature


In general VoIP phone service is easy to install, to set up, to integrate with various software, and has wide availability. This is one way you can use to make your business more established by maintaining close contact with your clients and customers.