If you are looking for a data recovery software that can help you to recover your data from iTunes, iPhone, and iCloud including your photos, videos, messages, notes, call logs, and much more. In that case, the tool that you are looking for is Dr.fone- Data Recovery which is a free iPhone data recovery software

Dr.fone- Data Recovery is one of the best tools in this industry with the highest data recovery rate that is offered in this space, moreover, you can also recover data such as your videos, photos, call logs, messages, and much more from your iOS devices, iPhone, iCloud account or iTunes account. The powerful tool is also compatible with the latest iOS 13 and devices such as iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max. 

Why Dr.Fone- Data Recovery Is The Best Solution?

Dr.fone- Data Recovery is officially the first tool that provided a solution through which you can recover your lost data or recover iPhone data after restore on your own. With more than 8 years of experience when it comes to recovering the data on your iPhone along with 15 years of experience in the data recovery space Dr.fone- Data Recovery is one of the best tools that can be used. The tool also provides users with all the latest updates so that the tool is always compatible with the latest iOS version and the latest Apple devices that are available in the market. 

Highlights of Dr.fone- Data Recovery

1. All-Round Recovery Of Compatible Files

With their advanced data recovery technology, Dr.fone- Data Recovery allows you to recover your lost files including your messages, contacts, photos, videos, and much more with ease, through a few simple steps. Keeping this in mind, users can easily recover their lost files without any professional help. 

2. Protection From Multiple Situations

Dr.fone- Data Recovery covers you with all the common data loss situations that you might come across including accidental deletion, system crash, device stolen, physical or system damage of device, ROM flashing, Jailbreaking, and many more. Considering this, Dr.fone- Data Recovery is a perfect solution to all the common scenarios in which you can lose your personal data. 

3. Covers All Your iOS Devices

Not only you get to recover the data from your iOS device, but you also get to deal with all the iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone Xs, or any other older version of the iPhone. With its best technical abilities and interface you get a smooth and fast experience with Dr.fone- Data Recovery.

Recovery Of Your iOS Data

As most of us do not know that the data that gets deleted is there in your device for a certain amount of time. This is why with a professional tool like Dr.fone- Data Recovery, there is a possibility of getting all that data back if you can act fast enough. Besides that, users also get to recover their iCloud or iTunes data with this powerful and useful tool. 

There Are 3 Recovery Modes That Are Offered By Dr.Fone- Data Recovery. 

1. Recovery From iOS Device

In this recovery mode, you just have to connect your iOS device to your PC and perform the data recovery function to restore all your lost data. 

2. Recovery From iTunes

If your data is there in your iTunes account, Dr.fone- Data Recovery will scan and extract all that data for you with ease. 

3. Recovery From iCloud

If you are interested in restoring your data from your iCloud account, even then Dr.fone- Data Recovery can help you in restoring all the relevant data to your device. 

User Guide

Retrieving your lost data with the help of Dr.fone- Data Recovery is a really simple process in which users just have to follow 3 simple steps. The intuitive and user-friendly interface allows you to operate this software with ease. 

1. You start by launching the software and connecting your device via a USB cable to your PC. Thereafter, you can choose the most relevant option that is there on the primary screen. Here, you need to choose the data recovery option that is there on the left side of the screen.

2. Once you proceed with the data recovery, the software with start scanning your device and will begin the extraction of all the lost files. Users also have the option of pausing the search once they see the file that they were looking for on the preview screen saving you a lot of time. 

3. In the final step, you can see all the lost and deleted files on your primary screen once the software is done scanning your device. Now, you can choose all the relevant files that you want to restore while discarding all other files.

Parting Words

Dr.fone- Data Recovery is a perfect tool that is highly recommended to all the iOS users as this amazing tool offers some really powerful and versatile recovery options making it a jack of all trades. Moreover, the interface and simple controls make sure that everyone can operate Dr.fone- Data Recovery with any professional help.