What if a robot vacuum immediately cleaned up after your spills without you moving a finger? You may be surprised to find that the greatest names in the tech industry, such as Elon Musk, are putting their minds to tasks like these. We are going to look at what the future of robot vacuum technology holds, but first, what is currently available to consumers?

The Current State of Robot Vacuums

Currently, the best robot vacuum technology can be exemplified by the Neato Botvac Connected. Features that set this appliance apart and that are likely to influence other manufacturers in the near future include:

Smart Design – As opposed to the standard O-shape, the D-shape of the Botvac makes it easy for it to clean in corners.

Strong Suction – Throughout the industry, vacuums are demonstrating stronger pickup abilities. The Botvac uses precision brushes and potent suction to clean up everything, including pet hair.

Laser Navigation – You can map out your floor-plan and course navigation with the laser technology of the Botvac.

Connectivity – Program your robot vacuum to do a daily clean or use the app to control it from anywhere.

Robot vacuums are perhaps best known for their work on carpeting. Yet, there are now other additions to the market that are specifically designed for use on hard floors. This includes floor mopping and scrubbing robots that are able to release a cleaning fluid, thoroughly scrub your floor, and then squeegee the moisture away.

What Developments Are around the Corner?

According to a report from Euromonitor International, robot vacuums are projected to post the fastest volume growth in the next five years of any type of vacuum cleaner. This is sure to lead to more competition and developments in the sector. One of the areas in which robotic vacuum cleaners are expected to improve is cleaning hard surfaces. Hardwood, tile, and vinyl floor surfaces are growing in popularity as carpeting declines. As mentioned above, there are floor mopping and scrubbing robots, but multifunction robots that vacuum and mop together are the wave of the future.

Consumers are increasingly looking for ways to remove household allergens and dust as well as pet fur, hair, and dander. Taking away allergens and pet detritus is sure to be a focus for manufacturers. Additionally, the robot vacuums of the future will be much quieter as markets in Japan demand noise-less devices.