According to some statistics, 64% of customers purchase after watching branded video content. This is the reason why marketers are increasing their focus on creating engaging video content. Video content also has greater chances of making the customers understand a subject as it offers the opportunity to showcase audio-visual content.

To start or improve your video marketing campaigns you need to select an online video platform that offers diverse features or use OTT app development to create a custom one to stream media directly to the viewers without requiring a traditional cable or satellite connection. This also allows businesses to reach out to a wider audience.

With tens of online video platforms available on the internet, it can become difficult to select one. While almost all offer similar features, depending upon your requirements, one might work and others might not work for you. Looking at some essential features can help you narrow down to the right online video platform.

7 Thing to Look for in an Online Video Platform for Your Business

Robust Infrastructure

The foremost thing to look for in an online video platform is the kind of infrastructure they have. They should have a reliable content delivery network (CDN), cloud hosting, and high-security infrastructure. It will help in delivering a smooth and rich viewing experience to the users. An online video platform that offers slow load times can result in a bad user experience which can seriously impact engagement.

The content that you upload should also be hosted on a secured infrastructure to prevent anyone from altering or modifying the content. A platform offering 24×7 customer support would also be a great option as you can contact them for immediate resolution of any issues.

Customizable and User-friendly Interface

Having customization features like selecting the video player color, custom player buttons, and uploading your logo can help improve your brand visibility. You can use the colors and buttons that sync with your brand’s identity, allowing your branded content to stand out from the crowd.

The online video platform should also be easy to use for anyone. Having a clear navigation panel to browse videos and sort them by filters will make it easier for them to locate the content they want.


The platform that you select should offer monetization features. The monetization feature can either be a subscription-based model, ad-revenue model, or a hybrid model. There are also different types of ad placement options like video carousels, instream and ads, header bidding, geo-targeting, and outstream ads offered by platforms. These features can be really helpful, especially if you are creating content for a niche that witnesses high video consumption. It can help you earn revenue from your video content and invest the same to grow your channel.

Support for Mobile Devices

With 2.16 billion people watching videos from their mobile devices, businesses need to tap into this vast segment. Mobile devices are smaller and witness faster response times than desktop computers. The online video platform you select should be compatible with mobile devices to ensure your viewers get a smooth viewing experience. Most online video platforms have developed dedicated iOS and Android apps to make this possible.

Powerful Analytics

The video platform you select should provide detailed insights into your video views. The number of hours watched, growth of subscribers, shares on social media, etc., should be available to you in a rich graphical format and in real-time. This will help you analyze the impact of your videos and measure the ROI. It will also help you understand what kind of content is witnessing higher engagement and plan accordingly for the future.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is all the buzz right now when it comes to video content. Marketers are increasingly using live streaming features on online video platforms to facilitate webinars, webcasts, and live Q&A’s. It helps them to connect with thousands of viewers and deliver a more personalized experience. To make this possible for your business as well, the online video platform you select should provide an intuitive and easy to use interface to conduct live streams.


You should also look into the pricing of different online video platforms. Almost all online video platforms offer different plans, at different price points. The pricing differs based on the features and bandwidth available with each. You should carefully evaluate the features offered by different platforms and the subscriptions offered by each, to identify one that fits your budget. Some platforms also offer a custom-pricing plan. The online video platform should also make it easy for you to upgrade to a higher plan if required in the future.

Summing it Up

There are a lot of online video platforms that can help you deliver high-quality video content to your audiences. Narrowing down to one can be difficult, at the same time, it is important to select one that offers all the features you need to achieve your marketing goals. Some video platforms also offer a trial option that allows you to use and understand the platform. Carefully analyzing the features of each will help you select the right one for you.