IT consulting is a growing phenomenon in the marketplace today and with so many companies offering consultancy, it may be difficult for you to identify one company that will give you the best solutions. All that you need is value for money and a company that will give you solutions, not headaches and frustrations. That is why you need to know some of the things to look out for in an IT professional you wish to hire.

This article seeks to explore the subject of outsourcing as opposed to hiring an in-house employee

Outsourcing transfers the Risk of data management

One of the things you must bring into focus is whether you need an in-house consultant or you have to outsource. Outsourcing IT services from an IT consulting firm is one of the best decisions that any business no matter the size can make. It might look like an ingenious way of saving by hiring in-house IT professionals but considering the many limitations in an employee who may not have enough time to fully concentrate on systems; it is only prudent to get an IT company. An IT consultancy firm will bear the responsibility of securing data and expertise, something that is too risky for an in-house IT department.

Less expensive

Imagine the much amount you have to pay in-house IT staff in terms of salary, benefits, taxes and so many other expenses that you incur to keep them on the job. The truth of the matter is that hiring an in-house employee would cost you so much yet they can do too little. When you outsource IT services, you sign a contract with the company and agree on a specific amount that you’ll be paying in terms of fees. You transfer the responsibility to the company and you can rest assured that you’ll get value for money.


An in-house IT employee has experience in the industry but it is limited- he/ she will perform to the extent of their knowledge and experience. That means your business will lack some wealth of experience and this might make your business stagnate. When you outsource an IT firm, you have an entire team of experts who will be working on the different aspects to provide solutions to your company. Your business will enjoy a wealth of experience from this IT team and you can be sure of exponential growth. 

 Allows you to focus on core business

For most businesses, the provision of IT services is not their core business.  May be IT is just a support function and not your core business. Thus, hiring an in-house employee may be an unnecessary cost. In this case, you just need to outsource the services to a reliable company. Then you can have all your employees concentrate on the core company business. Your attention and that of your workers is not divided and thus you can expect high productivity from each department.

Up-to-date IT knowledge

An IT company spends most of their time and resources in research and therefore they’re always at par with the market trends. When you outsource such a function, you have a team of experts who are looking for new technology and trends that could spur your business to greater growth. 

You may have your in-house IT professional who is enjoying a salary and other benefits while bringing in too little in terms of revenue. It’s high time you considered outsourcing IT services from a reputable Vancouver IT support company who will walk with you and use technology to help you achieve your business goals.