If you’re a mobile social gaming fan, you know that many of the smartphone casino games out there have special promotions and sales every once in a while. These events give players a chance to win huge rewards and experience the game in an enhanced mode, which is always a lot of fun. If you’ve been wondering whether or not it’s worth it to join a surprise sale, here are the 3 stages you’ll go through if you only say yes. 

1. The thrill

The first stage includes the surprise factor of a slots app sale. Here, you’ll discover that in the middle of what might have been a rather boring and regular day, your luck has suddenly changed, and a winning opportunity is just a tap away. You’ll immediately experience a rush of adrenaline that lets you know it’s on. 

2. The challenge

Not all casino app sales are the same. While some may very well hand over rewards if you only click a link to join the party, there are times when your favorite slots app will offer you rewards on sale only if you complete a certain challenge or answers specific questions correctly. In some cases, you’ll have to beat other players in a tournament or join hands to reach a collective spinning or winning goal. A great example of such promotions you’ll find in the popular app 88 Fortunes, which announces sales pretty often and in many cases includes a fun challenge as part of the event. 

3. The joy

After successfully completing the challenge, you’ll reach the best part of the sale and the reason we’re all here, to be honest. Winning a massive amount of coins or any other form of gaming currency will give you the best feeling in the world, especially by knowing that you were clever enough to discover and seize this opportunity in time. 

One extra tip 

If you never want to miss another sale, make sure to join the social community channels or follow the accounts of your favorite games. This will give you plenty more information, plus the chance to connect with other social casino gamers, which is always fun. Some apps even go as far as to include promotions that are only declared on their social channels and are meant for community members alone, so stay tuned. Best of luck!