Service bundles are a great way for customers to save money on their monthly plan prices and get all the services that you need from the same service provider.

That also removes the hassle of running around looking for different service providers and then managing different bills.

For customers who are looking to do the same with HughesNet, HughesNet offers amazing internet and voice bundles. These bundles allow access to unlimited internet along with local and long-distance calling. So, customers get to have both of these services and can enjoy the perks of the bundle.

What is HughesNet?

In case you are new to this and don’t know much about HughesNet, HughesNet is an internet and phone service provider that uses satellite connection to delivers services even at the remotest locations in the US.

Customers can get the internet service standalone by choosing an option from different HughesNet internet plans. Or they can get the internet and voice bundle if they need to have both of the services.

Since HughesNet doesn’t have its own TV services and offers these through different partner providers, we will not consider TV as part of HughesNet bundles.

HughesNet Bundle Options

HughesNet offers bundle options for its customers with all internet and phone plans. You can combine any HughesNet internet and phone option to make a bundle for yourself.

To understand it better, there are four internet options that are offered by HughesNet. All of them offer a download speed of up to 25 Mbps while the monthly high-speed data allowance is different.

These plans start from 10 GB and go up to 50 GB. On the other hand, the phone plan includes unlimited local and long-distance calling, and the international calling option.

So, customers get the choice of mixing any internet plan with a phone plan and make a complete bundle for themselves.

For the phone service, customers also get the option of choosing a contract or no-contract option. In case, the customer opts for a phone plan without a contract, they can cancel phone services at any time, but that also increases their per month cost of services.

HughesNet Bundle Benefits

If you are signing up for a HughesNet bundle, here is what you should expect to get from these service bundles.

  • Discounts on the Package Price

The first advantage that customers get for signing up for these bundles is the discount on prices. For instance, if you choose an internet plan, you will get a promotional discount of $10 on the price for the first 6 months.

However, if you opt for a bundle deal, you will save $20 per month for the first 6 months. So, the discount amount doubles when you go for both of the services.

  • Free Phone Equipment

The second thing that you should expect from the bundle is the free equipment for the phone.

This ATA equipment usually costs $75 which is a one-time charge. But when customers’ sign-up for the bundle, they get that equipment for free and don’t have to pay for it ever as long as they have the services.

  • Unlimited Data

HughesNet internet offers unlimited data to its customers without charging them any extra amount. So, even when customers go over their data limits, they don’t have to pay anything extra and keep on using the internet services.

The only downside is that the speeds are managed according to fair usage policy. So, customers have to face a speed reduction when the data limit is reached.

  • Free Bonus Zone

If the speed reduction bothers you, there is something that will make your day better which is the free bonus zone.

HughesNet offers free 50 gigabytes of high-speed data every month for its customers. It doesn’t matter which service plan you have subscribed for, you are entitled to this and can use it between 2 am to 8 am every day.

This is a great option for those customers who are worried about not having enough data. Moreover, you can schedule your downloads and updates during this time as doing so will not affect your regular plan.

  • Built-in Wi-Fi Service

For those customers who want to connect mobile devices, tablets, or other smart devices, the good news is that you will also get Wi-Fi services.

HughesNet offers built-in Wi-Fi for customers so that they can benefit the most by staying connected on all their devices.

  • Video Data Saving

Along with all these features, HughesNet also offers video data saver mode for customers who watch movies or videos online.

Generally, streaming consumes a lot of data and customers run out of the high-speed data faster, But the video data saver mode adjusts the video quality and allows customers to save data.

Moreover, it allows them to stream for more hours compared to regular streaming usage.

  • Unlimited Calls

HughesNet Voice is a great addition to internet services, especially for those people who are living remotely and don’t even get proper reception for mobile networks.

This allows them to make unlimited local and long-distance calls with great voice quality at a lower monthly price. In addition to that, they can also add the international calling option by paying additional cost.

The best part is that you will also get access to premium calling features such as caller id, voice mail, and many more.

Final Take

HughesNet internet and phone bundles are an excellent option for those customers who are interested in both products. However, it is highly recommended to go for that only when you need both services.

If you are signing up for a bundle just because that will save you more money, it’s not going to work for you. Because sooner or later, that promotion will expire and you will start paying the regular monthly charges.