Misclassification of workers occurs when employers categorize their workers wrongfully as an independent contractor, when they should be categorized as an employee. This can occur either by mistake or intentionally. And for whatever reason, the employee, contractor, or the government may be affected. One of the most affected industries is in no doubt, the tech industry.

Today the effect of technology is evident in almost every aspect of life. And most tech firms outsource tasks to other firms, whether it be for manufacturing or other services. This is done to cut down on operational costs and to increase revenues or profit margins. This whole process can, therefore, quickly lead to cases of misclassification which can be inspired by either greed or lack of a clear understanding of the law by the employer or the worker.

To protect yourself from such cases, it is essential to consider what the law actually says. If you think you have been misclassified as an independent contractor, there are certain steps you should take to ensure that you have a valid and successful case.

Know everything about your job

This means fully understanding your job description and job specification. A job description is a written narrative that defines or describes the roles, responsibilities, and other related duties that entails a job. On the other hand, a job specification is a statement of worker qualifications and characteristics needed for satisfactory performance of duties or responsibilities of an exact position.

Understanding this information will help you know what is required of you and the boundaries your employer should not cross. If anything on the contrary happens, you can follow the organization’s dispute resolution procedures. If it is beyond the organization, you can channel your grievances to the labor organizations which are put in place to help solve organization vs. worker disputes.

Understand the law

The tech world is busy, and the financial rewards are, in most cases, attractive. This can, consequently, lead you to quickly lose your identity either as an employee or as an independent contractor. It is, therefore, vital to know a thing or two on what the law says about the misclassification of workers. It would also be essential to fully understand what motivates employers to misclassify workers intentionally. And, what are the cons of being misclassified.

Having a clear understanding of the law will guide you to associate with your employer within the boundaries of the law. And since you probably own an internet-enabled mobile device, you can get online and search misclassification related topics.

Get the  services of a lawyer

All the avenues or channels set to solve possible disputes might fail. If there is such an eventuality, it would be essential to seek the services of a lawyer to help you tackle such issues. A lawyer will help in approaching the employer who is at the center of the dispute. They will also offer you all the necessary legal advice or fight for your interests in a court of law.


The above tips should give you peace of mind when you are going about your duties. It is therefore of utmost importance to fully equip yourself with all the necessary knowledge or information regarding the misclassification of workers. And if you should decide to take the legal approach, it would be essential to be cooperative with your lawyer.