If you’re new to OSRS, then let me briefly introduce the origin of the game. Old School RuneScape is a Massively Multiplayer Online video game that comes with a fusion of the Role-playing genre. It was firstly released back in 2013 for PC and Mac OS X; afterward, the developer and publisher, Jagex, released the game for mobile devices in 2018. Now, a different version of OSRS is available that make a lot of confusion for new players when they are making the selection to pursue their OSRS career. Therefore, we bring you to a guide that helps you decide which version would suit you. Before starting the game, you should know that you have an option to buy OSRS account that will be fully-grown and bring all premium features to your palm. Alternatively, you can check out game membership deals on GC.

What Should You Play?

You might know that majority of players only play Old School RuneScape either for the nostalgia, simplicity, or a mixture of both. You would agree with me that the game has evolved itself into a different game than it once was, and while most people loved to play it; however, there is a limited player base who think otherwise.

Moreover, the modern gameplay of RuneScape has switched to a futuristic MMO-style that comes with varied abilities and skills players from across the world can use when fighting against opposing characters. The game introduces improved graphics and several new features, as well as locations and skills.

Old School RuneScape Legacy Mode

There’s no surprise that “Legacy Mode” is used by players who are nostalgic about the classic combat system and gameplay style; besides that, they prefer to play the modern version of the game, too. If you’re from those guys mentioned-above, we suggest you go with Legacy mode as it introduces slayer combat. When fighting against enemies, you can use ranged weapons to slay enemies to earn in-game points like OSRS Gold and other items.

Difference between RS3 and OSRS

The firstly notable difference between these two titles is the micro-transactions. You would be surprised to know that OldSchool supports only bonds; while the RuneScape 3 prefers promotional items and microtransactions. You should try both games to decide which one is best for you to play. I suggest you play OSRS if you don’t like action-oriented games, but if you want to jump into action then you should go with RS3 because boss battles in the game are intense than OSRS.

Moreover, I agree the gameplay is quite different and can’t match with each other but both titles belong to the same developer and have many similarities. Therefore, you should decide on your own to confirm whether you love to play the action-packed game or MMO-style game. Furthermore, Gold is the primary currency in both titles and you must complete objectives or use real-world cash to earn in-game currency. Having a lot of means, you can unlock premium stuff and play with popular characters.