If you own a dropshipping store, you already have the advantage of working with an outstanding business model. With the right dropshipping tools in hand, you can quickly turn your business into a profitable one. One such dropshipping plugin helping you connect to AliExpress is AliDropship.

AliDropship is a WooCommerce dropshipping plugin that helps you easily import the products from Aliexpress and fulfill those orders successfully. There are many AliDropship review options online which talk about its compatibility and functionality. Other than these, what should you check before choosing the plugin?

Here are some of the essential factors you should consider when planning to choose the AliDropship plugin for your WordPress site.

The Supported WordPress Version

Over time, new WordPress versions are constantly being released, with many recent updates and features. These newer versions may create compatibility issues for the plugin developers who fail to keep up with the updates.

So, as a general rule, good plugins should be constantly and frequently updated. They must stay up-to-date with the most recent WordPress version to evade any possibilities of compatibility issues breaking your websites. 

Before choosing the plugin, read a reliable AliDropship review to check the compatibility and updates. WordPress usually issues warnings promptly if you are trying to download outdated ones that have not been updated within the past two years. 

Yet, it is better to check the AliDropship plugin’s auto-updating features before you choose it for your WordPress site.

The Plugin’s Impact On-Page Speed

All plugins are not made with economical bandwidth or CPU usage in mind. Specific plugins can drastically impact your website’s speed. It can seriously slow down the website and affect various processes like automation, customization, managing, and marketing products.

Before choosing the plugin, check any publicly posted AliDropship review to learn more about it. 

AliDropship Community

Usually, most of the reliable and top WordPress plugins for dropshipping will have an ardent following that has already tried and tested the plugin. Look whether there is such a community present online for the AliDropship plugin. These groups will be a great source of resources when it comes to troubleshooting any uncommon issues.

Four ways in which you can determine the community around the plugin are:

Check the Number of Downloads

You can verify the number of downloads to determine the AliDropship plugin’s reputation over time. Compare the total number of downloads against the total number of active installations. This way, you can settle on an approximate churn rate and compare it with other plugin options.

Use WordPress Plugin Directory

Visit the WordPress plugin directory and look for the AliDropship plugin. If you do not find the plugin in the list, it is a big red flag pointing towards the plugin’s quality. WordPress does not list plugins with potential problem areas related to the presentation, security, or documentation.

Luckily, you will find AliDropship in the directory. All you have to do is purchase the pro version to enjoy access to features like live statistics, cashback systems, inventory management, SEO product tags, product reviews, and more. 

Don’t Forget To Read Reviews

Besides popularity and statistics, make sure to read reliable reviews about AliDropship plugins to comprehend what it is like to use the plugin. Good reviews will help you understand how to implement each feature and how it works when your website goes live. Check if the AliDropship plugin developers promptly respond to bad reviews and fix the issues stated by the reviewers.

Check the State of Backend Support

During any unforeseen circumstances, the plugin can crash, the payments may fail, and there may be issues with the caches. At such a time, it is important to have strong backend support to help you through the process.

So, before choosing the AliDropship plugin, check if the available support will be sufficient for your requirements and needs. It includes the capacity to pay for any additional access to timely and personalized support. 

Some plugin developers can also make changes in WordPress directly. This way, you can save time and money by holding back from outsourcing the approved fix to a web developer. 

Dropshipping, though very accessible and profitable, is a very competitive business. You will achieve better results only when you make smart moves and remain two steps ahead of the others. It mainly depends on the choice you make when it comes to dropshipping tools. 

Read different reviews about AliDropship plugins, watch review videos, and tutorials before purchasing it for your site.