What Online Games Have The Best Odds?

Looking for the best online casino games to play? Indeed, if you want to win some extra monies only, then you’ll look for games which have the best winning odds! There are numerous online games which you can play for fun times, but did you know that there are some games which give you higher chances of winning? These top games are mainly Roulette, Blackjack and Bingo. But how can you win from these?


You might be surprised to see bingo as a high odd game. You might think about how you can win from a game where a pitched voice caller takes bingo balls out of a bag! However, it is no secret that many professional bingo players have managed to amass big winnings by playing bingo games, either online or at bingo halls. Your chances of hitting a win in an online bingo room mainly depend on how many players have bought cards. In a regular online bingo game, there should always be a winner. So, the lesser players in the room, means you have a greater chance of being THE winner. It is a fact that professional bingo players try to find a good balance between the size of the prizes and the number of players present in the room. This allows them to win small prizes which cover the cost of the card prize. Want to become a professional bingo player too? You can play bingo online at Kitty Bingo. This top bingo site proposes many bingo rooms which offer bingo games at different prices. If you want a calm but rewarding room, you can hop into Fiver Frenzy room!


Blackjack is famous among punters mainly because of its high odds, and many players think that they can bring the house down by counting the cards. Blackjack games are set in such a way that you only bet against the dealer, which means that you’re less exposed compared to a game of poker. The main aim of playing blackjack is to get a better hand than the dealer, without going over 21. The odds of winning on online blackjack is far better than other games as the house edge can be as low as one percent. But, the only obstacle is that the dealer can hide one of the two cards, known as the hole card. So, no matter what hand he has, he can manage to win, if you go bust. There are over 7,000 potential outcomes in a single round of blackjack. The tip would be to keep it simple by aiming at 17- once you reach that number, don’t dig for more cards!


Roulette is yet another famous casino game which boasts high chances of winning. However, you need to know that North American and European roulette comes with bigger chances of winning, as they do not have the ‘double zero’. You should mostly try European roulette as the house edge is as low as 2.7%. To build up your chances of winning, you better avoid placing high stakes on single numbers! It might make you feel confident to bet on 35/1 as the pay-out is lavish, but players rarely hit it! The best way would be to stake on numbers where you have 50% chance of winning.

But anyway, no matter which game you’re playing. . . you have to remember one thing: when you’re winning at a game, better stop the gameplay and enjoy your funds! And, that’s how you’ll always feel like a winner.

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