Well-known game developer Rockstar built a massive fanbase for its Grand Theft Auto series. The game also introduced a top-rated gambling mechanic. 

GTA has a lot of Finn players. Finland has a massive online gambling industry, especially when it comes to foreign markets. Finns spent more than EUR 286 million on foreign casinos in 2018. 

So, the game’s gambling mechanic went over very well in this country. Now, these players are left wondering when the next title, GTA 6, will be released. Gamers in Finland also want to know if Rockstar will include gambling and, if so, whether it’ll add new casino titles, such as a Backgammon peli

With the help of our guest author, Auli Wälkky, we’ve found the answers to your questions. Wälkky is a psychologist with a passion for video games. Read on to find out what we discovered about GTA 6. 

When Does GTA 6 Come Out?

Sadly, Rockstar hasn’t officially announced a GTA 6 release date. But, a gaming news site, Kotaku, claims it talked to representatives from the gaming company and learned that the title was in early development in 2020.  We expect it will be released in 2025. 

Rockstar Updates

If you’re impatiently waiting for the launch, Rockstar has a few updates to get you excited in the meantime. The company announced the use of AI and more movement in its future video games. These changes will likely apply to GTA 6, as well as remastered versions of San Andreas, Vice City, and GTA 3. 

What Mini-Games Were in Previous GTA Titles?

Grand Theft Auto has a long history of gambling featured in its series:

Kenji’s Casino

GTA 3 featured an establishment called Kenji’s Casino in 2001. The building wasn’t accessible to players. So, you couldn’t play casino games. 

But, the casino was part of the game’s story. The main character, Claude, received missions from its owner, Kenji Kansen. 

Las Venturas

In 2004, GTA: San Andreas included a city based on Las Vegas: Las Venturas. It had several casinos, with three that were open to players. You could play many casino games with your in-game funds, including: 

  • Blackjack
  • Texas Hold’em
  • Slot Machines
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Roulette
  • Video Poker
  • Craps  

Vinewood Casino

GTA 5 included the Vinewood Casino in 2013. It wasn’t accessible to players, but you could see it in missions. In one scene, a character named Trevor got kicked out of Vinewood for counting cards. 

This depiction excited players because it showed that Rockstar had designed the casino’s interior. Plus, Vinewood’s door had a sign that said: “opening soon.” Fan theories suggested that Rockstar planned to open the casino to players eventually. 

Diamond Casino

The fan theories about Vinewood proved to be true. On 6 January 2019, Rockstar removed the “opening soon” sign. Instead, the casino had construction barriers. Then, on the 13th, the gaming company announced it would be releasing a casino-themed update. 

Later that month, Rockstar converted Vinewood into the new Diamond Casino. This establishment was fully functional. You could play: 

  • Slots
  • Lucky Wheel
  • Blackjack
  • Three-card poker
  • Roulette

What Mini-Games Will Be in GTA 6?

Fans are wondering what casino games they’ll be able to play in GTA 6. Here’s what we know:

Will the Diamond Casino Appear in GTA 6?

Rockstar hasn’t said whether it plans to include the Diamond Casino in GTA 6. But, the casino is incredibly popular. So, the company will likely include the gambling establishment in the next title. 

Even if it isn’t, we highly doubt Rockstar would exclude gambling altogether. Many players love this feature, and removing it would cause outrage. We expect Rockstar will try to improve the gambling system even more in GTA 6. 

Are New Games Being Added in GTA 6?

While Rockstar hasn’t made an official announcement, fans hope that GTA 6 will include new games. Previous titles had limited amounts of slots and table games. So, the company will likely increase this number in the future. 

We hope that Rockstar will include some Finnish favorites the new Grand Theft Auto game, such as:

  • Backgammon
  • Keno
  • Punto Banco
  • Live Dealer
  • Baccarat
  • Scratch Cards
  • Bingo  


Now you know all about GTA 6 and what mini-casino games you should expect. When the game finally releases, you’ll be ready to hit the gambling floor and try to increase your in-game funds!