Horse racing has been around for centuries and betting around it has always been a fascinating aspect of any famous race in the world. The growth of technology has only made it easier for the common man to know more about horse racing and various facets associated with it. 

While the history of horse racing can be traced to ancient Greece, today it is watched in all parts of the world. The enthusiasm is of course very high in the United Kingdom, United States, parts of Europe and even erstwhile British colonies like Canada and India. While the British may have left these countries, they clearly left vestiges of their presence through the influence in gaming and culture. 

Apart from interest in the sport, horse racing also evinces interest from a lot of people who enjoy betting on outcomes, especially ones which are racing related. The truth, however, is that it takes a while to get used to the tricks of the game and to become aware of the intricacies. The good news is that there are a lot of online websites to help you with the same. 

An important distinction between how betting on horse racing used to take place in the good old times and today is that one doesn’t even need to make a phone call to place a bet. All you need to do is download one from a horst of horse racing betting apps available on the various app stores.

With changing times, the demands from horse racing betting have also increased. Just basic functionality and best odds are not enough for the seasoned person who is placing bets on horse racing. The app has to be about so much more than just promo codes and discount offers.  

A great horse racing betting app is characterized by excellent customer support. In businesses like betting, it is imperative that there is repeat business from the customer. For the customer to come and bet again, his experience on the app must be without any hiccups. 

Even if the customer faces an issue with payment or payout, the saving grace must be that the online and call support must immediately take it up and resolve the issue to their satisfaction. When it comes to a business where people are betting money, it needs to be remembered that one bad experience can spoil the reputation forever. 

Customer service aside, people who have been into betting on horse racing like to have the option of betting on multiple races. In fact, they may have their favorite horse to bet on, but still are always on the lookout for new ones who will eventually replace the old guards. 

For such customers, who will actually be the regular ones on these horse racing betting apps, the app has to provide a wide variety of races to bet on. The more information is available about horse races in various continents, the better it is for the interested people to make an informed choice and place a sound bet. 

In-play betting is another feature that has revolutionized the horse racing betting industry. Earlier, the only betting that you could do was before the race began. You had to place a bet and stick with it throughout the game. Only the final result would make or mar your fortune. With sports betting apps, this is not the case anymore.

These apps make it possible for bets to be placed even while the game is progressing. In fact, with each horse’s position changing, the odds are also constantly changing with every second. This is excellent for the horse racing enthusiasts as they can use their expertise to make some extra money by placing bets till the race is complete. 

Cash-out option is another lucrative feature of horse racing betting apps these days. For instance, you place a bet of USD 50 on horse X winning the race. If during the middle of the race, horse X has fallen a little behind but is still within winning chance (just lesser) then the app might offer you a cash out option, where, say, you could withdraw USD 30. 

All fun and games aside, it is important to bet responsibly.