For businesses, bloggers, and anyone looking to promote a message, a user-friendly website is the cornerstone for gaining support and prospects in today’s world. Many marketers hail social media as the holy grail, and be all and end all, the Alpha and Omega, but the truth is that the best social media presence in the world won’t add up to anything if it isn’t leading web surfers back to a functional, informative, and engaging site.

Before you start trying to ramp up your marketing efforts, take a good look at this detailed Utah web design Checklist of everything your website might be missing, and it really should have.

What Is Your Website Missing

Engaging Content

You have to remember that most users have come to your website to learn more about your operation, but that doesn’t mean they’re willing to read a novel you’ve written. Mashable calls it “crucial business information”, meaning that you should keep the text on your website short and very sweet. A few funny or passionate sentences that sum up what you’re about and what you’re offering is the perfect way to get someone’s attention, and encourage them to keep exploring the rest of your site.

Great Branding

Even if you’ve come up with the perfect, succinct way of describing what you do, it won’t mean a whole lot if your site looks like it was created in an old version of Windows paint. But, what’s more important than having the latest and greatest in graphic design for your site is that you stay true to your brand throughout.

This means that you should have the same logo, color scheme, designs, and style of photos everywhere your name is going to be appearing. Once you come up with a set style for your brand, it will be that much easier to make sure that your site looks great, and all of your communication is consistent.

Great Branding


Using branding and content to draw people in and make them want more is going to backfire quickly if they can’t easily navigate your site. Make sure that every page you have is accessible from an easy to use menu, and that there are appropriate links everywhere to keep them clicking to more information.

In today’s world the biggest and most challenging aspect to this is keeping things mobile friendly. When designing a website you need to keep in mind that most people these days are surfing the web with fingers and thumbs…so smartphone friendly menus, and websites that adapt to different device resolutions are a must.

Call To Action

Probably the most important thing to keep in mind when building your website is that you need to be building up to something. By the time a user has interacted with your website for a little while, there is something you want them to do, and if you’re website is well-designed, it will make it easy for them to do it. Whether it’s buying a t-shirt, signing a petition, or joining a weekly newsletter, there’s a goal to every website, don’t hide it from people that have taken the time to read what you’re all about.

Staying in Touch

Staying in Touch

Forbes’ steps for a great website calls for ways to stay in touch that will work best with your targeted users: “Find out what forms of communication your visitors prefer and give them the means to stay connected: e-mail, a blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, RSS Feeds, and more.”

Making sure that anyone who loves your new site can easily get in touch with you or other followers is the last, but by no means least thing you can do to make sure you have the perfect place for your message on the web.

Think strategically and focus on your visitors and you will be a lot closer to your goals than if you take a haphazard approach!