With the emergence of the new technologies in our daily life, communications have never been so easy and fast.With a few clicks, you can interact with friends and family from anywhere in the world. Hence, increasing the popularity of social media both on desktop and mobile devices. Social media allows you to share valuable and entertaining information. However, the role of social media is not only limited to entertainment or connecting with friends, but it also allows different businesses to interact with their customers and provide valuable information about their products and services. Below are some examples of the impact of social media on different fields.

Impact on Society

Social networks such as Facebook or Twitter have gained lots of popularity among all internet users. As long as people interact on these platforms, they keep on growing rapidly. Such social networks allow people to not only communicate through messaging, but also share videos, photos and links to articles that they find interesting. They can “Like” and “Follow” different types of pages depending on their interests. Thanks to social media, people who share the same views can communicate with one another and even support a common cause, such as animal rights.Facebook provides the Facebook Causes feature on its website, which allows people to support a cause of their choice without the need to commit themselves or make monetary donations.

Through social media, people can raise awareness over various social issues which means the masses can also have a say in those matters. This is known as social media activism. However, the question remains if this activism really brings about any changes or not. Supporting a cause is hence not limited to simply “Liking” or “Sharing” content.

Impact on Commerce

The impact of social media on commerce is very much visible these days. Using social media, several businesses and organisations can connect with their potential customers and build revenue.They create groups or pages on different social networks where they can share valuable content about their products and services. For example, the Magical Vegas Facebook page provides great contents about their bonuses, promotions and games. It is one of the best online casinos that provides some of the best games to ensure a great gaming experience.

Thus, many businesses can come up with different types of marketing strategies through social media that will boost up their revenue. However, some companies have experienced the negative impact of social media on their businesses. The reason is if their products do not attract many shares, the customers become aware of it and start to lose trust in the products that theyprovide. So, these companies removed the social media sharing buttons from their websites and according to a case study by Taloon.com, their conversion rate rose by 11.9% after stopping the use of social media.

Impact on the Professional World

Over the years, social media has also had an impact on the professional world. It allows companies to make recruitment decisions based on the information found on social media. An example of such a social network is LinkedIn, where people can create a professional profile on which they add all the information about their different skills and work experience. This allows managers and companies to view their profiles and decide whether they want to recruit them or not. Today, more and more employers are using social media to search for job candidates.So, the recruitment and hiring process has become faster and much easier.

Impact on Training and Development

Since social media is now very much present in most businesses, it has become a necessary tool to generate revenue. So, job candidates who develop the skills to use the latest social media techniques have more chances of being recruited. Social media has now become important when it comes to training and development, because it helps in interaction and sharing of knowledge. This creates the perfect environment for learning. Many educational institutions now make use of blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or wikis, which also contribute in long-distance learning.

Negative Impacts

Although there are several advantages of social media,it still causes some negative effects. One example is lack of privacy whereby users of social networks face different types of threats such as stalking, hacking, identity theft, misuse of information and personal attacks. Sometimes, users end up sharing publicly those content that are personal, without realising the risks that they may encounter.

Another threat caused by social media is cyberbullying. Teenagers are more at risk because of their need to fit in and to be popular, even before the advent of social media. With social networks, teenagers feel the need to grow up too rapidly in the online world. Either they are bullied by others or they bully other people using social media.They can sometimes misuse the social networks to spread rumours or share content that are aimed at ruining people’s reputation or blackmailing them.

Another negative effect of social media is on relationships. People form friendships and bonds on social networks but tend to neglect their real relationships. Relationships or friendships formed on social media are virtual and lack the intimacy of real friendships. This can cause issues in their personal and family life.

So, the bottom line is to enjoy the positive impacts of social media in different fields. However, users should be careful when they share personal content on social networks. The impacts of social media are thus determined by the way people use it in their daily life.