The Labouchere system is a roulette betting approach in which the bettor chooses a column of numbers that correspond to the sum he is willing to risk and bets the total of the top and bottom numbers, deleting any winning numbers and adding the amount of each lost bet to the series.

The Labouchere technique is named after Henry Labouchere, a seasoned roulette player who devised it for use on a roulette table as well as other games such as baccarat and blackjack. It has also been adapted into numerous sporting wagers such as football and the like. 

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How does the Labouchere system work

The Labouchere method is a negative betting approach in which bets are increased when you lose and decreased when you win. The goal is to recover money that has been misplaced.

The first step in using this technique for real money casino games is to define what your ultimate goal is and how much money you want to win. Second, write down a number sequence, and then proceed to the cancellation process, which will be demonstrated using the following example:

Let’s use the following sequence numbers: 3-4-5-6, for a total of 18. The initial bet, according to the Labouchere system, will be the first sum combined with the last number in the sequence. Using the example above, the answer is (3 + 6) 9.

If you win your wager, the first and last numbers in the sequence are removed. You’d eliminate 3 and 6 with this sequence. You add the staked amount (9) to the end of the sequence if you lose a bet.


This is true of all other bets as well. If you win, you cross off the winning numbers; if you lose, you add the water to the starting numbers. When you’re left with only one number, this rule doesn’t apply. You simply place a wager for that sum. If you win the bet, the cycle will come to a stop, and you will have to repeat the pattern from the beginning.

So far, everything looks straightforward enough, but things get a little more tricky after you lose a few bets. This is when the sequence begins to lengthen.

Pros of Labouchere system

This system’s versatility is one of its features. You can alter the risk and reward levels by altering the initial betting sequence. The Labouchere method has the advantage of not requiring you to win every bet to attain your goal amount you lose more bets than you win, you can still turn a profit. This boosts the athletes’ self-assurance.

Cons of Labouchere System

Every betting strategy has a disadvantage, and the Labouchere system is no exception. Negative progression systems are designed to compensate for losses by winning with a higher stake, but winning is never guaranteed. Another issue with the Labouchere technique is that if you’re losing a lot of money, your sequence might get so long that you won’t be able to keep up, and you won’t be able to cross out all of your numbers unless you have a significant winning streak.