Connectivity is so important these days. With busy lives, and remote or flexitime working at full throttle, we can’t always be directly connected to our printer.

For an office not prepared for this technological change, productivity can begin to slow, and issues can quickly arise in its place.

Some printer brands are addressing this rising need for connectivity by introducing cutting edge technology, such as Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities.

We’ve already felt the benefit of NFC technology in our day-to-day life, through the capabilities which enable contactless card payments, but thanks to manufacturers such as Lexmark, our offices can now feel the benefit too.

If you aren’t sure what NFC brings to a team or want to know why this is the perfect next step forward for your wireless printer, read on.

What is NFC print?

NFC printing is essentially a method of transferring wireless data, without the need for an internet connection. \

In printing, this means that you can pass data from one device to another by simply touching or holding them close together, great for quickly transferring data from a tablet or smartphone.

Printer manufacturers have responded to the need for this technology in the office. For example, this Lexmark colour laser printer can be bought with a Lexmark MarkNet kit, which will enable both NFC print and wireless printing.

Why will NFC print help me?

Having NFC printing capabilities in the office will make it even easier for employees who are constantly on the move.

As neither device has to be joined to your company’s network, your printing is much more flexible than a simple Wi-Fi Printer.

This is perfect for quickly printing off a document before a meeting or going to a pitch for new business.

As well as this, if a client has come into your office, or an interview is taking place and they need to print of documents, this can now be done without compromising your network security.

This lack of wires and connections also means that you’ll save valuable time, and if staff are passing through the office to collect paperwork, there’s no need for them to sit down and log onto a computer. The ability to simply tap their phone and receive their documents will greatly improve productivity and efficiency.

NFC print is definitely a feature which offices should consider when choosing their next printer model. When buying a new printer, always make sure to check the features it offers and that they’re suitable to your business needs.