Online marketing is a rapidly growing area and one that has raced very quickly onto the mainstage of the marketing world. A little more than twenty years ago digital has less than a one percent market share of all advertising and marketing spend globally, social media didn’t exist, and Google was still operating out of a garage. It was a brand-new field, pregnant with possibility and opportunities and one which has grown rapidly over the intervening years to become a behemoth that now commands more spend that television advertising, traditionally the top dog in marketing and advertising spend. But what exactly is involved in online marketing? It is a complex beast with many facets – here are a few areas that it encompasses.

Even the traditional is complicated

Selling advertising to an audience is how media platforms have traditionally made their money. Everyone has seen newspapers or magazines filled with advertisements. And the internet is no different with banners, usually, around three a page, integrated onto most websites. Any Australia digital marketing agency will talk about some form of banner advertising as part of its integrated campaign strategy. There are plenty of options, CPM, CPC or CPA amongst them. You need to find the option that will give you the best returns.  

Search Engine Optimisation

This is something quite special and, if done correctly, something that can be extremely effective. Imagine twenty years ago if you needed to find a specific service – let’s say that you wanted to call an electrician. You would more than likely have sourced one from the phone book. But imagine that phone book was magic and that no matter where or when you opened it, it always gave you the number of a specific electrician. In essence that is what search engine optimisation does. It ensures that your company always appears top of the list when an associated search is performed. It is very powerful.  

Social Media

Because most people operate an average of two or more social media accounts across a range of different platform, this is a very important place to engage with an audience. In traditional media, the advertising went where the viewers or readers were and the digital era is no different. It is just that now they are all congregated around social media having their own conversations and consuming the media that they create, rather than the media that is created for them by big corporations. Being able to engage with the audience on social platforms is a key part of any digital campaign.  


Social media has given rise to the influencer generation. Instead of paying media corporations who command big audiences, brands will now work with individuals who have big followings and high engagement levels. The bigger the reach the greater the fees that influencers will command. Influencers have the ability to reach huge global audiences and one post from the right person can translate into a substantial benefit for the client who has paid for the service.