We are in 2020 but still, no industry can deliver what we see in science fiction movies. One of the reasons may be restrictions from previous works of developers and manufacturers. The necessity of a new project to be compatible with other systems and previous jobs may restrict creative freedom and prevent us from seeing innovative results. The Greenfield concept is very important in this respect because it enables developers and producers to be freer. If you haven’t heard of this concept before, we explain it in detail below and give examples of how it can be used in different industries.

The Definition of a Greenfield Project

Greenfield is an analogy and symbolizes an empty, lush workspace. Nothing else in this field, so there are no limiting elements that you have to consider to develop or produce something new. Consider a construction site: if there are already buildings in this area, you need to consider their location and size when constructing a new building. In other words, you cannot act completely free and have to draw the plan of the new building considering the old buildings. Whereas, if there were no other buildings in this area, there would be nothing constraining you. The Greenfield concept is exactly this: it means that when you start a new project, you will not be restricted by your previous projects.

Greenfield Project Examples

Greenfield projects are mainly used in the software industry. As a simple example, we can show the Microsoft Windows operating system. Microsoft engineers had to consider previous versions of Windows when designing Windows 10. Because Windows 10 was not an operating system that would work alone: ​​it had to work with computers using other versions of Windows, and its features should be determined accordingly. Imagine that Windows XP and Windows 10 are on the same network: in order for these two operating systems to communicate with each other, Windows 10 needs to be developed by paying attention to some compatibility rules. Thus, Microsoft engineers cannot act completely free – when developing a new feature, they need to make it work with other versions of Windows. 

However, if Windows 10 was a Greenfield project, Microsoft engineers would be able to act completely free and create a truly different operating system. This operating system would not be compatible with other Windows versions but would have exciting new features.

This concept applies to almost all industries. For example, there are two versions of the casino games you play on sites such as GGBet casino online. One is developed with Flash and the other with HTML5. Flash is old technology and has many restrictions. It is not possible for the graphics quality of the game and the features it can offer to exceed a certain level. However, developers still have to take it into account, as players who do not have a fast or stable internet connection prefer to download casino games, and many still use older versions of Windows. Therefore, studios have to consider the Flash version while developing their games and determine the features to be offered accordingly. However, if they had used the Greenfield concept, they would have been able to get rid of the limitations of the Flash platform and design games with much more advanced features.

Why is the Greenfield Concept Not Common?

We are the main reason for this: unless end users change the operating systems and the products & services they use, the Greenfield concept cannot be widely used. It is impossible for companies like Microsoft, which have millions of customers, to use this concept in their products or services because they have to consider their own ecosystem. A product that does not work in this ecosystem will not be used, no matter how innovative it is. If you’ve developed a new product and you have a hundred million users, you want to make sure that 99.9 million users can use that product on their existing systems without any problems.

However, start-ups and innovative initiatives are not subject to such restrictions. Because they don’t have an ecosystem, they can be completely free and creative when developing a product or service. For this reason, such initiatives almost always use the Greenfield concept. However, if consumers do not pay enough attention to the product or service offered, the initiative fails. Even if successful, it is very difficult for companies to show interest in such projects because switching to a new system means a new training process and additional costs. Greenfield is an exciting concept, but it is still used on a limited scale. It won’t be used widely without changing consumer habits.