Open a business account and get a lot of financial opportunities at once. When you register a Genome Account, you can use corporate funds without any obstacles: save funds, transfer money, track every transaction with real-time notifications, and receive money transfers from customers or your partners. Everything you need is already here:

In addition, a business account is a great opportunity to open a seller’s account for convenient payments in USD, EUR, or British Pound. You can open a business account and enjoy all the tools and benefits anywhere, anytime, even if you are in Italy and your company is physically located in Romania or France.

How Difficult Is It to Open Business Account on the Genome Platform?

Traditionally, to open an account, you need to collect a large package of documents and provide a lot of evidence, which takes a long time. But it’s different when you join Genome.

To open a business account, you need a web browser or an installed mobile application. When registering a Genome Account, the head of the company provides identity documents (ID) as well as some information about the company:

  • documents on registration of the organization
  • ownership documents
  • phone number

It has never been so easy to open a business account and start using it as fast as you need to. Open an online account and forget about bureaucracy.

Your online account is as secure as a traditional business account since the Genome service operates under the rules of the National Bank of Lithuania and uses the same standards and methods of protecting information and security rules regarding your finances. This means that as long as you enjoy all the benefits of the online platform, you get the same thing you can do in a traditional bank. 

To successfully open a business account, you will need a total of about 72 hours (including confirmation time). After that, you can use corporate funds in accordance with the regulations and needs of the company. Manage them with a convenient control panel, which has all the tools you may need.

What Options Are Available for Your Genome Account?

Open a business account and get the best banking experience. With your business account, you can:

  • Open a multi-currency account in USD, EUR, or pounds.
  • Transfer money and accept SWIFT and SEPA payments in Europe securely and conveniently.
  • Enjoy profitable currency exchange.
  • Open a trading account for additional transactions, including calculations, access to analytics, and other useful tools.

Your Genome Account is a full-fledged financial ecosystem that meets all the needs of today’s business and offers far more benefits than you can imagine. Open a business account in Italy, France, or anywhere else to learn more. If you have any questions, you will find more detailed instructions and answers in Blog Genome.

A Few More Reasons to Open Business Account in Europe

Even if you work as a self-employed person or have a startup with a small turnover, it will be easier for you to separate personal money from corporate ones. Open a business account and transfer money for the needs of your business and keep personal finances in a separate wallet. This will make it easier for you to keep track of, report, and understand how your business grows and develops.

Open a business account and order a corporate card: presentable black, matte, or virtual. Transfer money from the card to pay for business trips, promotional campaigns, and other necessary work expenses.

But the list of reasons to open a business account does not end there, because you can also use the referral program available for your online account.

Go to the online account and get a referral link that you can send to your partners or clients. If they also decide to open a business account and use it, each such transaction will bring you nice bonuses.

And most importantly, every online account is a secure and safe wallet. The service follows all standards and rules, so you can be 100% sure that all the money is stored no less securely than in a blank cell, the key to which is only at your disposal.