Is 5G just another word cell phone companies are utilising for marketing or is it really happening? We can give you information right away that when 5G eventually rolls out it is likely to be a game changer and therefore it can be considered as pretty interesting. 5G is the technology that is supposed to be coming out after 4G which is the fourth generation cellular technology. 5G simply confirms that new online casinos can be accessed without any difficulties regardless of the type of device one is using.

4G is pretty fast and offers speeds of 100MB per second which would be adequate for everyone. However, there is plenty of room for improvement and when we talk about 5G we can expect that the speeds will be multiplied by many times over 4G and are likely to be in the region of 100 GB per second with just the latency of 1 ms. 5G will also reduce energy usage and will offer higher bandwidth capacity. This means that cell companies no longer have an excuse to charge insane prices for data as they currently do because 5G will have more bandwidth than the current technology.

5G will make it possible for us to have unlimited data plans just as we do with unlimited texting unless cell phone companies begin making excuses to charge higher prices. The lower latency which could be below 1 ms will become extremely important for someone that is looking for a Gday casino online review. The reduced usage of energy will also mean that mobile devices will be able to run longer without requiring a charge often and therefore 5G can drastically improve the battery life of the device.

People will have the ability to connect to the Internet with more devices and by 2020 it is believed that nearly 50 billion to 100 billion devices will be connected to the Internet. 5G network will need to meet with a significant increase in the demand for communication according to the head of research for Ericsson which is one of the companies leading the development of 5G. The huge demand that will be seen in connected devices will be largely because of a boom in inanimate objects using the 5G network which will be the ultimate on the Internet.

5G will have the same reliability as we currently observe over fibre connections. The advances in the technology antenna will bring an end to connection dropouts which we currently experience. Chinese companies are already discussing using the 5G Internet to allow driverless cars to communicate with each other along with the infrastructure they are passing. 5G technology will also enable smart transport and remote surgery where humans remotely operate robots to conduct surgery on the complicated kind and usually rely on lower latencies. Ericsson predicts that the latency of 5G will be 50 times faster than 4G technology which will be critical for doctors if they are required to command equipment to conduct surgery on patients located in different buildings.

5G is the Internet technology that has the potential to change the world and people may well wonder whether it is going to be expensive. No estimates are presently available about the costs of 5G Internet envy will have to wait until the winter Olympic Games of 2018 when South Korea is expected to begin a temporary trial of 5G to understand the true worth of this technology along with its costs.