You are probably aware of the benefits of using a VoIP phone system for your business. A VoIP will save you money, and it has a lot of updated features. With the VoIP feature, your team can work from anywhere. It is also easy to use, meaning all staff can use it without complications. 

However, you might now know what you need to make sure you get the best quality service. An example of these requirements is VoIP bandwidth necessities and fast internet. Below we discuss what internet speed you need to support VoIP.

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What is the Least Required Internet Speed to Support VoIP

The VoIP speed requirements depend on your service provider and internet environment. However, you can use some guidelines to know the number of bundles the VoIP uses. VoIP calls demand a speed of less than 0.5 Mbps.

That figure is low. To elaborate more, you need internet speeds that are seven times fast than the latter. For social media usage, you will need more internet capacity. Your internet will work well with VoIP if it handles Facebook or Netflix.

Some VoIP providers have recommendations on the type of internet needed. These requirements depend on the processing technology. This means that the provider’s recommendations will be most accurate.

An example is Ooma’s home service that needs a minimum of 0.386 to stream. It is easy to meet these minimum recommendations by using a DSL  connection. 

Is Your Internet Connection Fast?

Your internet plan will market a certain internet speed after you buy your service. However, most advertised rates do not signify your actual speeds. It is advisable to run an internet speed test to know if the connection is fast. 

There are three outcomes of the test;

  • Upload speed

This number is determined in a similar way to download speed. Both download and upload speeds are essential in VoIP service. This is because you need to receive and send audio packets while you speak in real-time. 

  • Download speed

This defines the number of downloads downloaded per second. FCC talks about the standard broadband service with a download rate of four to eight Mbps. 

The medium level ranges from thirteen to twenty-five Mbps. The improved go for more than thirty Mbps. 

  • Ping rate 

You can measure the ping rate in milliseconds. The faster the ping, the more responsive your connection will be. 

It is advisable to run the speed test at different times of the day in search of any variances. You should also conduct these tests using other apparatus. You might know your proper internet speed by testing many devices. 

Old companies discourage clients from using low-cost citing. Most speed numbers show that many connections at homes can handle VoIP.


A higher upload speed means your VoIP calls will have better quality. Every VoIP provider has a different recommendation. The above information has everything you need to know about VoIP.