Winning a massive amount of money is the dream of every gambler. As much as people argue that people gamble for the thrill and excitement of the game play, the ultimate fun is obtained when you win a significant amount of cash. Players become elated and blow away cash when they make small wins in fruit machines slots play online, what would they do with the big wins?

Well, when you make the big wins, the process is not as simple as it is when you make moderate wins. It is not a matter of winning and cashing out, and you are done. There are procedures that are followed to ensure that your win was legit. The government also comes in to their own fraction of the win.

If you make gains of above a certain amount in most jurisdictions, you will have to feel a tax form. This enables the state to take their own cut. Luckily, if you a seasoned gambler on that casino, you are allowed to subtract the value of the money used playing that jackpot. However, this will happen if you have the records. Nonetheless, you will eventually part with a fraction of the big win in the form of tax.

Big wins are always accompanied with exciting sounds and conspicuous lights. Moreover, a signal will be sent to the house to inform them of the win. The moment this happens, one of the casino workers will come to you quickly pretending to be sharing in your glory. However, there is no casino that is happy when you make a massive win. This individual will be trying to confirm whether your win is legitimate.

The casino personnel will check whether the machine is working perfectly. If it malfunctioned in any way, you do not win anything. This is rather unfair and should be the house’s fault and not the player’s fault. However, all casinos have a line in their terms and conditions that states that ‘Malfunctions void all pays and plays’. This basically means that if the machine malfunctioned, you don’t win anything. Perhaps the casino could offer you one of its excellent casino perks to compensate you for the false excitement.


A part of the verification process will require you to produce your national ID to verify whether you are who you claim to be. This applies to non-residents and non-citizens too. If you do not have any identification documents, the casino will withhold your money until the day you produce them. The casino can keep the money for years because they are prohibited by law from using it.

Hence, you should always carry your identification documents when on a gambling spree. You could win big money and receive it immediately simply because you have all the required documents.

You Might Have to Wait

You can wait for several hours or days depending on the amount of cash you have won. The casino must ensure that your win is genuine, inform the top management, complete the taxation procedures and balance their books. This might take a while, and you should not have a reason to worry if you don’t have any issues.

Fortunately, some casinos do not have this kind of bureaucracy, and you might receive your money immediately. This is usually when the win amounts to thousands of dollars or thereabout. But, if you have won millions, then it can be more complicated.

Jackpots worth millions are both confusing to the winner and the casino itself. You have to make a choice whether to receive the entire amount or get a specific amount annually. The latter is the better option because it attracts less taxes. Most casinos will give you time to consult with your banker and make the correct choice. Meanwhile, you will have become a celebrity. Thanks to the new casinos by loopx, you can choose favorite gambling, as well as find all the information you need about bonuses, deposits, and spins.

The Media Craze

Winning a million dollars or more is not a simple thing. It is worth noticing, and the local media will not give you any breathing space. You will be invited to media houses to hold interviews about how you made such a huge win. They will be keen to know what exactly you will do with your money. A paparazzi or two will already be following you, and your life history may soon be in the public domain.

The casino will also invite you to its events and ask you to be part of their marketing campaigns. However, the media will not forget. You must manage your money properly when you finally receive it. If you slip and become broke, they will be fast to write about the lottery winners curse with you as the reference.

Your Gambling Life Afterwards

When you finally receive the check or cash, the casino might even ask their security personnel to accompany you to your car or even to your house. They will offer you VIP treatment and offer perks to keep you entertained.

However, when you continue gambling, the casino personnel will keep a close watch. They will try to confirm that you are not a cheater and the surveillance will continue for a long period of time. Moreover, they know what you are worth, and they will try to entice you in order to keep you playing.

This is what happens when you win a really big sum of money at a casino. You might enjoy the publicity and the attention for a while, but you must ensure that you make the right financial decisions to ensure that you remain on the positive side of publicity. But, do not forget to enjoy and celebrate your luck.