Everybody knows that having a will and a plan for after your gone is important no matter how old you are. You could go at any time so it’s best to have things prepared for your loved ones. Leaving them to guess can cause anxiety and even more grief.

What doesn’t get talked about so much is digital legacy planning. Our lives are so entwined with the digital world that it is equally important to have a plan for what happens to your digital life as well as your physical one.  Leaving those loose strings could come back to make life difficult for your loved ones if the loose ends are not tied up.

In this article, we will go over what to do with your social media accounts and more when you do pass away.

Record your passwords

Many of your online accounts won’t be accessible to anybody without a password. Even to close the account down. There are some social media platforms that will accept a request from a loved one to delete an account in the event of death but it is not a straightforward process and can cause a lot of anguish for your family.

Give them the passwords to be able to access these accounts so they can handle it much easier than doing things through the official channels after the fact. You don’t even have to give them the passwords now. If you know that you are terminal, you can schedule an email to arrive in their inbox after your death with a list of everything that needs to be done.

Even if you are not ill, you should have some instructions given to a trusted person on how to handle your accounts. Do you want them deleted? Files destroyed? Have everything laid out and let them know where they can find your passwords to be able to do so.

Make a list of all money accounts online

If you have any kind of income from online activity then you should make sure that it is known about by others so they know what to do with the money. Even your tokens in a video game have value and should be counted as an asset. You need them to be able to turn the online cash into real money so it should be in your will if you have one.

This also includes any money in a Paypal account or even a store credit that you can only access online. Money from these accounts will simply disappear if not taken care of. Since you will want the money you earned to go to your family or friends then make sure it is all accounted for.

Nominate a shared account

Some platforms will automatically start sharing your data with a designated digital caretaker in the event that activity on it ceases. There is a timeout period in which inactivity for that set amount of time is a signal that you are likely deceased. Your designee will then have control of the account.

In the event that you are not actually deceased and just not using the account any longer then this can be handled by your designee.