If you’re a fan of classic online casino games, from Roulette and Blackjack to Baccarat, but want to enjoy the atmosphere of a land-based casino from the comfort of your own home, then you should try live casino!

The principles of playing your favourite casino games remain the same, but with the live casino aspect you can also interact with a real-life human dealer, streamed in high definition to your device. But that’s not all – there are plenty of promotions and variations available to entice you and make the experience even more exciting. If you play online casino UK games on Paddy Power for example, you’ll find each table has a different range of wagers and varying limits to suit every players’ budget. 

So, if live casino tickles your fancy, read on as we explain the games you play in this thrilling way at an online casino. 

Live Roulette

The 2D wheel you usually find in an online Roulette game has had a 3D transformation – all thanks to live casino! Watch as the human dealer not only accepts your bets, but also sets the little white ball and the wheel in motion. 

You’ll never miss any of the action, as there is sophisticated technology, digital software, radio-frequency identification (RFID) sensors, and multiple camera angles to capture all the movement of the spinning wheel. Plus, you can hear the satisfying and exhilarating clanking of the wheel, as you watch it come to a halt and the ball lands in the numbered pocket. 

With live Roulette tables, you’ll never be bored, as there are a host of themes, variety of betting limits, and different variations with exciting jackpots and side bets, to choose from – all with an entertaining dealer commenting on the action as the game unfolds. 

Live Blackjack

The popular game of Blackjack is taken to another level with the live version at online casinos. The anticipation and ante are raised, as of course, the live game comes with a real-life dealer to battle and try to beat. Will you have the closest score to 21 or will the dealer go bust before you? Place your bets and wait for the dealer to lay out the cards, and then the game plays out in the traditional way – all streamed to your device so you can play wherever you like. 

Live Blackjack is jampacked with action, as the human dealer keeps the game flowing, with both on-screen instructions and verbal interaction, and the chance to chat with other players as well. Whatever your budget, there’s a live Blackjack table for you, as there are always lots of themes and a range of betting limits available. Plus, the excitement can be heightened with the opportunity to place a number of side bets, in certain games, alongside the main action. 

Live Baccarat

If you’re a fan of Baccarat, then the game gets even better with the live casino version! Feel like you’re in the environment of a land-based casino, with the different camera angles, human dealer and the building excitement with each card that is turned over. 

The basic rules are still the same in Live Baccarat, as you bet on which of the two hands has cards adding up closer to nine than the other, with the dealer sitting at a physical table and all live streamed to your device. But with lots of variations available, you can enjoy the twists and turns with side bets and random multipliers thrown into the mix. So, will you be playing this timeless classic in a thrilling live setting?