RevenueFlex is one of the smartest and robust monetization products offered by one of the leading UK-based advertising companies known as AdReact. With RevenueFlex, users get a robust, flexible, and dynamic AI based approach when it comes to Ad management and placement. 

RevenueFlex with its experienced team that is working in this space for more than 6 years is completely capable of delivering a seamless experience to all the publishers by catering to all their requirements when it comes to monetization of a site without affecting the user experience in any negative way. 

RevenueFlex: How Does It Work

RevenueFlex is capable of creating automated ads for all the pages of any given site without slowing down or changing the loading speed of that page. This implies that all the ads that are placed on any page are monitored rigorously and are also updated by RevenueFlex in order to ensure that that ad format on that page delivers the best results with the revenue that is generated on that page that too without affecting the user experience whatsoever. 

All this in addition to the built-in header bidding solution in the form of an easy-to-use tool gives the users an edge as they get a competitive approach to the different ads that are shown on the page. Moreover, RevenueFlex ensures that the users get the best fill rate possible in the form of geo-targeted ads from a wide variety of ad demand providers.

RevenueFlex: What It Offers

You may get RevenueFlex directly from AdReact through their Google account after deciding on a pre-agreed commission rate. Besides that, users can also integrate their AdSense account to use the tool without changing any of their installed ads. RevenueFlex will automatically place additional ads and will also optimize all the alternative ads on its own. 

Here’s a complete list of the different features offered by RevenueFlex:

Automated Placement Of Ads

Automatic ad placement on the site without affecting the site in any way is probably the best feature of RevenueFlex. Users also get a high density of ads when compare with some other tools out there making RevenueFlex a much better alternative.

Alternative Ad Formats

RevenueFlex offers a wide variety of options that include everything right from in-read ads to all the alternative formats like scroller, footer, and anchor along with different ad size options. 

Server-Side Processing

As RevenueFlex does all the optimization on the server-side, there is no burden on the site that ensures that the loading speed and the browsing experience of the users are seamless. 

Clean Ads

By dealing with only professional and credible demand partners, all the ads that you see with RevenueFlex are completely clean. Since the product doesn’t use intrusive ad formats and types, all the ads are completely free from adult content as well as phishing links. 

Compatible With AdSense

RevenueFlex is compatible with AdSense, this is why there is no need to worry about the authenticity of the product. The tool follows all the guidelines that are issued by Google and is capable of adjusting and optimizing all these ads accordingly as well. The publishers can also manage their AdSense with RevenueFlex and improve their online revenue for free. 

RevenueFlex: What’s Next

AdReact is constantly improving and experimenting with RevenueFlex in order to generate positive results. Over the last few months, RevenueFlex users have seen a growth of 20% in their revenue while some of the sites even witnesses a staggering 50% growth in their revenue. 

Although this may vary depending on the traffic of the site and several other factors but using RevenueFlex will certainly improve the revenue that you generate on your site, and in case you are not satisfied with its performance, you can always stop using RevenueFlex.