Certified Scrum Masters is a project or organization are professionals who have the CSM®  i.e. Certified ScrumMaster® certification. In order to gain the CSM® credential, participants have to attend a two-day course which adds value to Agile management systems. It is one of the best and most flexible methodologies to improve project outcomes of agile in any software development company. Many clients rely on Scrum Masters considering the value, quality and speed with which projects are delivered under their mentorship.

Is it a high paying job?

While the salary of scrum masters differs according to geographic location, years of experience and qualification, there is no denying that it is one of the highest paying jobs in the IT sector. In America, it is one of the top 25 highest paying jobs. In India, Scrum Masters are paid Rs. 20,00,000/- to Rs. 30,00,000 /- annually. In this era of relentless technology innovations where there is an update every day, and there is a need to keep everyone involved and in the know, keeping everyone connected with the right means of communication without any breakdown, is a challenge. One such breakdown is sure to affect the entire project which in turn will lead to a collapse of the business. Scrum Masters are known to overcome all such challenges and deliver risk-free projects satisfactorily to the client. 

Many companies are moving on to agile, and with Scrum Masters, the job is done better. Hence the salaries are equally high considering the benefits the project gets from a CSM. 

How to be a successful Scrum Master?

While there is no doubt that a CSM certification will help you become a  better Scrum master, there are certain traits that can be learnt to become a successful Scrum Master. So, here is a list of the Responsibilities that Successful Scrum Masters take up:

  1. To add energy to the team: 
  • A responsible scrum master encourages the team members to follow scrum and also adds strength by improving productivity. Positive results are always energising
  • Guides the team on how they can be self-organised to reach targets
  • Manages the team, works on errors at the beginning and advises the company about agile management systems to improve the value of the projects
  • Enables improvement through the team resulting in satisfied clients
  • Ensures clarity between the team and the client
  • Gives a trustworthy working environment in which each member of the team can address backlogs and problems
  • Manages, improves and empowers the team to achieve the goals
  • Has the capacity to handle arbitration between team members when needed
  • Ensures a healthy relationship between the team and the client
  1. To be a facilitator, moderator and master of ceremonies:
  • Scrum Master is the key player involved in the project process
  • A scrum master acts as a facilitator to take the project forward, a moderator to correct errors and communicate between the client and the team
  • Is also responsible for conducting ceremonies like planning at intervals called sprint planning, review meetups and daily standups along with recognition to appreciate team members. 
  1. Responsible for communications between a product owner and outside stakeholders:
  • Between the product owner and stakeholders scrum master is a medium answerable to all queries 
  • Scrum Master is accountable for maximising Region of Interest by-product owner which he/she does to meet the objectives 
  • A Scrum Master coaches the product or gives knowledge to the product owner to help them achieve their goals by prioritising backlogs and also overcome any changes incurred during project progress. 
  • Ensures that there is no gap or miscommunication between the product owner and stakeholders or even between the team and the client. 
  1. Removes any hindrances

During a project, hindrances may come in any way and any form. A Scrum Master is capable of overcoming any such barrier to the project. 

  • A scrum master should be brave and innovative to remove hindrances
  • Hindrances should be owned and eliminated by the Scrum Masters
  • There are also a few hindrances which scrum masters should make the team members resolve such as focusing on roles and resolving team conflicts

  1. Tricks and skills

Also called as meta-skills Scrum masters should possess that talent along with a few soft skills to handle a successful project. These are:-

  • Being compassionate, empathising, humble, down to earth, and responsible; These are a few skills a Scrum Master needs to possess, along with being a quick learner and being innovative/creative. 
  • Being well trained in All Agile technologies and familiar with other popular methodologies for Agile. 
  • Having an open mind to improvement, fostering a long term relationship with the client
  1. Leadership quality with the servant attitude:

Having a humble attitude with qualities of being cooperative and working as a leader. This is how scrum masters become servant leaders. 

With the above responsibilities, we now know why Scrum Masters are important for a project. Companies don’t hand over your project to someone who cannot scrum, while Scrum is the new and best methodology.So, go for the training and certification and watch your career soar.