The gaming industry has an allure that the young at heart cannot seem to escape. As a fun activity that people get into to pass the time, gaming can have similarities to gambling. When gambling has grown so much to include phone gambling, its likeness to video fun activities has grown.

Here are some of the ways video games are similar to gambling.

There are Rewards in Both

When you play at the casino, you can expect to be rewarded. The main reason players register accounts at gambling websites is to play for real money. When you join Poland online casino like, for instance, you get some free spins, a welcome bonus, and some other goodies that keep you coming back for more. This is similar to what the gaming industry has in some ways. When you play, you are rewarded per level with some free goodies that help you advance to the next. Each level entices you to get to the next through a gift. There are “extra lives” in videos that work the same way as free spins for slots. They may differ in the way they look, but they are reward systems. One slight difference is the lack of cash bonuses for video games, but enticement is well represented.

The reward system in both is transparent. For gambling, they have all these instructions and terms that you should read before playing. One of them is the explanation of how you win. Casinos use Random Number Generation technology to select the winner so that the process is fair for all. The gaming industry chooses to have an engine that works almost the same as RNG. Random enemies attach you during your games, and interestingly, they will be placed strategically different when you replay a level. That makes it impossible to rely on your knowledge of a level when you retake it. This eliminates cheating in both video games and slots or other gambling games.

Both are Competitive

You have the option of gambling for fun or real money, although that is not the same for video games since they are purely for fun. That said, even when you play slots for free, you still get to make it as competitive as you wish. The levels are not simpler just because they are being played for practice. The attraction for slots is to get the right combo that will make you a winner, and for this, you have many things on a reel to help you. These features are all clearly put there for your benefit.

Now, video options are just as – or even more – competitive. They are designed in levels where a player will only advance when they clear the previous one. Just like slots that get harder with the potential prize, gaming makes players earn their keep. The levels can be quite challenging, so one has to bring their best game if they are to advance. These challenges keep these games fun.

Both use Similar Gadgets

The gear in some activities is different since, for video games, you need a console, but both gaming and gambling options are easily transmitted through PCs and desktops. They have also moved to Virtual Reality, where players experience a whole other level of greatness. Additionally, the gear and technology for video games and gambling get better each year as they earn billions of dollars each year. They are controlled by particular companies that are doing great today and could continue earning handsomely if they stay on assignment.

They can be Addictive

Many gamblers know the truth that they can easily fall into a trap when they gamble. They still do it because the game beckons, and sometimes the money is too good to ignore. The same can be said of video games. When most gamers start, they have a handle on things until the levels heat up, and they have to spend more time than before on a level. The more challenging a game gets, the better a player finds it because, ultimately, we like earning our victories.

Gambling sites understand what they offer and will even have hotlines that their users can call when they need help. This is not always the same for video games. Though gamers face the same addiction risk, they are somehow expected to work things out on their own. The gambling addiction may be a little different because the motivation is money. Gamblers can find it a little hard to get out of this rut. In gaming, players are chasing glory amongst their peers, so they may find it a little easier to stop when they try hard enough.

One Main Difference…

While the similarities are so many, there is one slight difference. Gambling is about luck, while gaming is a show of skills. The more you play video games, the better you become and the more likely you are to beat your opponents or/and move to the next level. To this end, video games are skill-based. There are countable times when you will need skills in gambling – such as when playing poker, which is one of the few of skill here. You will only need to count on luck and bankroll management skills to get ahead the rest of the time.


When COVID-19 hit, lots of sectors of the economy suffered. One thing remained constant – gamers gamed even more than before. The gambling industry grew, and video game sales were not all that shabby. These two are selling fun and hope, two things that human beings desperately need during lockdowns and times of uncertainty. On so many levels, they are similar, but mostly because they are fun-filled and competitive.