Facebook is still in the process of acknowledging the company’s latest data breach in relation to Cambridge Analytica. Facts about the case are coming out slowly and both the company and regulators are trying to assess the situation. Even before the Cambridge Analytica data breach hit the headlines, a new revelation came out; this time, from Obama’s 2012 campaign manager.

A data breach is never a good thing. We rely on these companies when it comes to the safety of our information. Facebook’s recent data breach means it is time to be a more proactive part of the information security equation.

Learning from Healthcare

Some private details and sensitive information are generally protected by the systems they rest behind. In the case of your medical records, for example, you can rest assured knowing that proper security standards are in place to enforce maximum information security.

According to the University of Cincinnati and its health information management department, more health information management associations in various states are ensuring the sufficient implementation and maintenance of information security standards. The University of Cincinnati online health information management program also includes RHIA certification exam and other certifications.

You can learn more about information security standards added to the course from the university’s page. It is easy to see how real steps are being taken to preserve medical records and keep them safe from unauthorized parties. Unfortunately, the same high standards aren’t always present.

Take Charge of Your Information

The Cambridge Analytica – Facebook data breach also tells us another important lesson: it is always important to take charge of the safety of our personal details. The small details that we share online, day in and day out, can be used to create an accurate profile of ourselves, making protecting social media accounts that much more important.

The initial reports from this data breach suggest that Cambridge Analytica used the right channels to gain access to user information – through an app that asked for permission – but it then exploited that granted access to also mine data about the user’s friends and connections.

It is a data breach that could have been prevented had users are more aware of the kind of access they were giving to the apps they use on the platform. On the other hand, it is a massive error on Facebook’s part as the inquiry stands right now.

Start Today

We often think of our personal details as not valuable enough for hackers or other parties. The biggest lesson – and a shocking reminder – from the Cambridge Analytica case is the simple fact that they do. Everyone is a target of cyberattacks and anyone can fall victim to acts like identity theft, information theft, and other worse information security crimes.

The Cambridge Analytica – Facebook case is a timely reminder to start taking information security seriously, especially when it comes to our own personal details (and the information we share willingly online). Taking the time to learn about how to better protect yourself from a similar data breach is a good way to get started.