A 60’s trivia is a collection of facts and events from the time. There were numerous events that happened throughout the decade. From politics to music, there were drastic changes that took place virtually in American culture during this era. Even today, the trends from the 60’s keep coming back, and there’s still a cultural influence derived from the time.

A trivia board game is a fun way to remember the bygone eras and challenge your memory about the remarkable events. The 60’s trivia board game is more of a head-scratcher if you don’t have clear, strong, and factual knowledge from back then. Here’s what you will find in it.

Facts From the ’60s

If you are from the 60’s era, you’ve probably lived through the facts that happened around the decade. There are so many historical events that are hard to forget. A 60’s trivia board game will challenge your memory on the facts from the decade. The questions are categorically crafted from different fields such as art, culture, music, television, and general knowledge.

If you are not from the ’60s, a trivia game is a good way to strengthen your knowledge about the era. You’ll find a lot of questions varying from politics to music, fashion, and war in a trivia quiz. It will entertain you and help improve your factual knowledge. It’s a wonderful way for your grandparents to reminisce about the times that hold several deep emotions and bittersweet memories.

Head Scratcher

If the questions from the 60’s trivia are not a head-scratcher, they are not good enough. The questions are not just fun facts from the culture and art from the decade; they are also general knowledge questions about certain important historical events from those times.

The questions such as – What was the mission named when Neil Armstrong first landed the moon; Who was known as the ‘flower children’; What speech made Martin Luther King famous; etc. There might be questions related to common facts, but they can also be some peculiar events from the past that can be a real challenge.

The 60’s trivia will challenge your memorizing power on every level, so you’d better brush up on your knowledge before playing!

Small Tokens and Figures

Many trivia board games from stores like BoomAgain involve small tokens and figures. These tokens and figures might be hints to the puzzles or questions and help you reach further in the game. Such small tokens and figures will add more fun to the game. They will also take you down the memory lane.


A trivia board game can be played solo or as teams. While playing solo is an available option to kill the boredom, playing as teams will lift the overall spirit of the game. You and your teammates can get super competitive while playing, and this will double the thrill.

Another upside to playing as a team is teamwork. While you may not happen to know the answer to a specific question, your teammate might step forward with the correct answer. Playing as teams will also help break the ice with new team members and ensure better bonding with them.

Online Availability

The world is becoming a smaller place with every proceeding day. From a nut to a ship, everything is available on the internet. Even the fun activities that were not otherwise possible in early times can now be done online with the help of the internet. There are many options that are available online for your entertainment.

You can either play solo or with your friends on the internet. There are also a few choices on the internet that can be played by the baby boomers, comprising the questions from the 60’s trivia. The online availability of the trivia board games from the ’60s has made the people from that generation bond with their distant relatives and friends.

Fun and Interesting

A trivia board game from the ’60s has a specific purpose, i.e., to have fun. There are times when you don’t have much to do. You’re bored, or you’re sulking over a bad day. A trivia board game is specifically purposed for the baby boomer generation to help them fight boredom and have fun with their friends. It is interesting at every level, and you can always have a good time playing.

A trivia board game has all the virtues of entertaining the baby boomer generation. You will find interesting facts and small tokens from the past that will take you back to your times, and you can relive your memories.