Why does your company need a business analyst? Business analysts help companies improve their processes, products, services, and software through data analytics. Do you know that underestimating business analysis before starting a project can lead to negative consequences? Business analysis is a crucial part of building software.

What Do You Mean By Business Analysis?

Business analysis is a set of techniques that help to understand the structure and features of the client’s company, determine its needs and offer options for solving the problem. Business analysts usually conduct preparation requirements, evaluation of the functionality, preparation of the documentation for developers. 

Different industries need different business analysis. In IT business analysts work with information systems – websites and applications. Business analysts are expected to study company processes, identify, develop, document, and agree on business requirements. Besides, a systems analyst needs to know how to write business requirements so that IT professionals understand them. 

What is the goal of business analysis? 

  1. In the beginning, you need to get a real-time view of the business, to establish a starting point before developing a solution. 
  2. Secondly, the goal is to understand the needs of the business. And what specific features will help solve the client’s current problem.
  3. Thereafter, you need to shape an approach to developing a solution that minimizes risks and costs and maximizes value and utility. 

What does a business analyst do? 

  • Analyze business needs
  • Define a business case 
  • Obtaining information from stakeholders 
  • Clarify design requirements 
  • Connect with design, development, and management teams to keep everyone
  • on the same page with the product vision
  • Check solutions 
  • Test the quality

A BA role in SDLC is not provided in all projects, and not all developers know precisely what BA is doing. This job is becoming more popular, but not all companies understand how vital business analysis is.  

The business analyst acts as an intermediary between all stakeholders, identifying, analyzing and approving the requirements for changes in business processes, corporate policies and information systems. Business analysts are focused on solving business problems of customers and often act as translators of customer requirements into terms and categories that technicians can understand. 

If you are looking to hire a business analyst, look at the skills and make sure your business analyst has them.

Skills Required 


  • Effective communication 


As such specialists are involved in different project processes and communicate with other teams, including clients, communication skills are essential. A business analyst is responsible for organizing meetings and calls and must be able to be great communicators.


  • Critical thinking 


Business analysts must not only gather information about requirements from all stakeholders but also critically evaluate it. Clarifying questions allow you to identify real problems and formulate tasks that business representatives might not articulate on their own. The business analyst must think in visual images and translate the accumulated information into the graphical form: illustrations that explain business processes, prototypes and professional layouts.


  • Teamwork 


Following communication skills, the ability to work in the team is a must. An integral part of a business analyst’s job. Business analysts need to learn how to communicate effectively and hear what both customers and developers have to say. Also, be ready to help employees adhere to the rules established on the project and treat any team member with equal respect. 


  • Analytical skills 


Of course, the business analyst should possess analytical skills. Business analysis for that and business analysis, without analytics, there is nowhere. Only such a mindset can quickly put everything in its place, and then study and analyze, and it will help you see the advantages and disadvantages of the product without embellishment. 


  • Skills to collect information 


Data processing and research are also crucial for a business analyst, as such specialists should collect a significant amount of information from different business angles. In the technology area, data analysis is a big challenge as it requires a solid technical background. Also, a business analyst should research with strong detail-orientation skills. 

Bottom Line

The BA team helps make your product more successful by: High-quality business analysis allows you to optimize the schedule and timing of each stage before the start of the project. During the development phase, the BA team makes your product more consistent with customer and user expectations and provides valuable insights to make your product competitive. BA promotes a more agile development process to help bring a product to market and ensure it meets the needs and expectations of users.