Casinos are one of the most amazing places to legally gamble. People from all around the world visit the casinos for their love of gambling and with a sole tendency to make a fortune. It is one of the largest industries in the whole world. However, these days online casinos are getting more popular with each passing day. These online casinos offer all the excitement, thrill and fun that people search for in a regular casino plus something extra in the name of bonuses and promotions. It is the extra which attracts people like magnets. Also, to play a game in an online casino one does not require any costly clothes or some expensive cars, nor they need to travel all the way to the casinos to have a great time. One can enjoy all the amazing games and the thrill of gambling from their drawing rooms simply with just a computer and an internet connection. From blackjack to bingo, poker to slot people can enjoy all these games in an online casino virtually. 

One of the most important aspects of online casinos that attract thousands of players from all over the world is the bonuses they offer. They use different gaming software to implement these bonuses technically. From free spins to free tokens, these bonuses are available in every game. These bonuses and promotions are giving the physical casinos quite a competition these days, as people are going after these in the virtual ones. The different types of bonuses are mentioned in this article. 

Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonus is the basic and one of the most popular bonuses in the world of online casinos. As the name suggests these bonuses are offered to players who register at an online casino for the first time. In order to avail this bonus, a player must deposit a certain amount at the casino and after the deposit is made, the bonus is awarded to the player. The amount of this bonus mostly ranges from around a hundred to two-hundred percent of the welcome bonus made on the first deposit. These welcome bonuses can be utilised for playing various types of games in an online casino. From table games to slot games, this bonus can be used in all. The player should always carefully check the wagering requirement while searching for the best welcome bonus. 

Monthly Deposit Bonus

Monthly deposit bonus is another amazing bonus. This bonus is extremely useful for people who play regularly. These days the online casinos are going all out to keep the players active and entangled with these games. So, the client appreciation strategies of these casinos are also improving. One such example is a bonus which a player receives for playing regularly. 

No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonus is without a doubt the most amazing bonus of all. As the name says, the player can avail this bonus without making any deposit at all. This bonus is often offered to newcomers. The player must register at an online casino in order to receive this amazing bonus. This bonus allows a player to play without depositing any money. Although the amount isn’t much, it still is enough to play a game or two. If a player manages to win some amount by playing with the no deposit bonus, some wagering requirements are needed to be fulfilled before withdrawing the money. The initial no deposit bonus cannot be withdrawn however. Although the wagering requirements of the online casinos are a bit higher than their offline twins, yet it is worth the effort. Although the no deposit bonus is often available for a limited time only, usually an hour or a few hours, yet people have made fortunes by playing with these only. 

Free Spins

Free spins are the most popular and used bonus in the world of online casinos. This bonus is often used by newbie players, and the casinos provide them to keep the player entangled with the game. This bonus is mostly used to play slot games and dial based games. The free spin allows a player to spin the dial or to pull the lever of the slot game without depositing anything at all. Some popular free spins are the welcome spins, wager-free spins, extra spins, bonus spins, cash spins and many more. With each passing day new kinds of free spins are added to the list as the online casinos are going all out to attract new players and encourage all the players. Some of the free pins come with a wagering requirement. It means that one must play the bonus for a number of times, and only after that he or she can withdraw an amount of money. The player however should always check properly if the spin is free or not. Some slots also have a maximum cash-out limit, thus limiting the amount of money that a player can win. 

Banking Bonuses

Banking bonuses are the bonuses that are offered to a player in order to use the payment options of particular banks. It is basically an incentive which is offered to a player. Sometimes this incentive comes in the form of a discount on the deposits, while sometimes it may come in the shape of a free spin. In short, this bonus is one of the most amazing bonuses available in the world of online casinos.

Referral Bonus

Referring to a friend bonus is also an amazing bonus which is often used by existing players. This bonus is used to attract new players by utilising the existing ones. In order to avail this bonus, an existing player must refer someone to the online casino. If the new player registers at the casino and deposits an amount in order to play, the existing player will receive an amount in the form of a bonus. 

Online casinos are the next big thing. This industry is growing, and with each passing day they are giving their offline twins a run for their money. With amazing offers and brand-new bonuses, they are attracting new players with every passing minute. These bonuses lure and retain players at a particular online casino.