Gamers know how to get the most of gaming experience. This can be done in multiple ways. One of them is to get hands on a gaming monitor. There are hundreds of models available in the market when it comes to purchasing a gaming monitor.

Given the variety available, it has become difficult to choose the right gaming monitor. From ultrawide monitor for gaming to a multitude of choices, there is a lot to select from. Fortunately, there are several models that stand out from the rest. Here are some of them listed:

1. Acer Predator XB252Q

This monitor features 24 inch widescreen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. It comes with a TN panel technology along with an amazing response time. The company describes this model as one of the best options available that can enhance the quality of overall gaming. The color remains as vibrant and clear as possible regardless of the angle you watch from. It also comes with a movable stand.

2. AOC G2460PG

All the gamers out there will definitely love this model for the incredible graphics it offers. This model provides a responsive time and speed that allows it to be an ideal model for games that requires more transition and moving action. It comes with a mountable design as well. This is a perfect monitor if you want to boost the system and your overall gaming performance. Make sure it remains within one of your priorities.

3. Acer Predator XB271HK

This model is surely one of the beasts amongst the different gaming monitors. Acer would have definitely thought about professional gamers when developing this model. It comes with an amazing response time which makes it ideal to play a number of games on it. This model is an ideal one if you are looking for a comfortable view without any eye strain. Most importantly, it has the ability to display over a billion colors. You can get to know more about it on


This model is perhaps larger than other ones featuring 34 inch screen. Given the high technology, it is one of the most favorite monitors in the market. Most users have considered it to be their ideal choice. It has a fast, smooth and better response time than most of the models available in the market. Technology being used is designed to reduce screen tearing. You will enjoy complete immersion when playing games on this monitor.

The Bottom Line

Gaming monitors are available in a wide range of variety in the market. However, not all models are made for you. Before purchasing any model it is imperative to get to know what your demands and preferences are. This is how you can make the right choice. Even though above are some of the popular models listed above, you need to be sure that any model will suit your needs. Also make sure to go through customer reviews before purchasing any model.