Strategic business management incorporates almost every aspect of business finance, accounting, HR management, marketing, IT and most importantly, strategy. It deals with real-world practical applications, which gives way to the birth of numerous lucrative job opportunities for graduates specialised in this division. This article holds a couple of job roles, along with their functions within strategic business management for you to make a better professional choice.

  • Financial Analyst – Financial analysts specialise in financial planning and strategy making, which they employ to improves financial status by analysing results; monitoring variances and identifying trends. These professionals possess the unique ability to reconcile transactions by comparing and proofreading data. In addition to this, they are also accountable for maintaining the database by entering, verifying and backing up data in a regular manner. They may also need to establish and enforce policies and procedures to carry out efficient cost analysis process.
  • Field Investigator – Field investigators are known to possess exceptional research and observational skills that are essential to determine the nature of a given case. They are generally hired by a corporation, law enforcement agency or individual clients as private investigators, where they perform surveillance and research. Every field investigator typically specialises in a specific type of investigation, where they work to undertake interviews and carry out observations, as well as get involved with corporate espionage. They should be prepared to work in any sort of business settings, with no specific office hours.

  • Business Analyst – Business analysts serve as a point of contact between the IT and business teams, where they work to figure out ways to increase productivity and reduce costs. They are hired by business enterprises that want to streamline their business interests and increase profitability. They may also need to:
  • Create budgets;
  • Manage and oversee Staff;
  • Hire and train Staff;
  • Write schedules.
  • Product Strategist – Product strategists specialise in assessing products that are in demand and worth selling. Additionally, they also gauge the range of people to whom the products should be marketed to and at the price that they should be sold for. These professionals conduct research by employing methods, such as surveys, polls, focus groups and statistical analysis within the market in which an employer is seeking to launch products or services. 

  • Project Analyst – Project analysts are accountable for the management and development of new projects after adequate data collection, research and analysis are executed. They engage in conducting active research to design new projects and to prepare and present new ideas, in a way to improve current processes that can impact the business. 

If you are interested to acquire strategic management skills, pursuing a post-graduate degree in this field can help you achieve that.