Streaming services are becoming a considerable replacement for cable television, and millions of movies and TV shows watchers are requesting for affordable and glitch-free streaming services to spend their leisure time.

Over the last decade, millions of TV viewers have said goodbye to the regular satellite and cable television, and they have resorted to streaming services that they could play on their smartphones or tablet devices. Several streaming services providers, such as, Netflix and Hulu, have secured a network of billion dollars, and several movie producers and directors are considering making original movie with such streaming services.

One of the outstanding highlights of streaming services is that you can continue watching your TV show or movie without any flabbergasting buffering. Simply select a movie of your choice, and you are good to go—as long as you have a stable internet connection.

We have compiled a list of best streaming services at the moment, and you can make a trial account for free, and pay an affordable price to continue accessing the entertainment options on your mobile devices.


It is no surprise that the popularity of this particular channel is inspired by millions of its fans and viewers, and they are constantly making requests to Netflix for uploading their favorite TV show on the streaming site to binge on. The service offers a large category of original content and uploaded content for its viewers that would keep you on the edge on the weekend. You can continue watching a movie-on-demand without any excessive buffering whatsoever.

Amazon Prime Video

Similar to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video is becoming a top contender among the people that prefer streaming services to cable services, and it is certainly living up to their expectations. Amazon features an abundant of originals and uploaded content for your entertainment and amusement. Additionally, you can subscribe to channels, such as, HBO and CBS to manage your settings.


Hulu has gained quite popularity among those that are obsessed with streaming services, and they cannot get enough of Hulu originals. The streaming service also provides a wide array of classic TV shows to keep you on the edge of your sofa, and the budget-friendly service brings the best TV shows collection to keep you entertained on lonely Friday nights!

Avoid endless buffering Internet compares different internet providers. With this kind of platforms consumers can compare Internet subscriptions by speed and price. Make sure that you have a stable and fast internet connection to support the functions of the streaming site as well as to eliminate the possibility of buffering the videos for a prolong time period. Easyswitch also compares tv subscriptions that allows you to access a number of news channels and entertainment channels without paying an exorbitant price.